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Privacy Policy

What information do we collect?

Digital Rapids Corporation ("DRC") may collect, monitor and store the following information, which is commonly referred to as "traffic pattern" information: (1) The domain name that has accessed our Web site (for example, if you subscribe to America Online, we would know that someone from AOL has accessed our site, but we would not know which of the millions of AOL users actually accessed our Web site); (2) The date and time our Web site has been accessed; (3) The number of visits we have to our Web site; and (4) The Internet address of the last Web site displayed on your screen prior to accessing our Web site.

Additionally, we value and welcome your comments and suggestions, and have devoted a portion of our Web site for the purpose of soliciting your input. If you do take the opportunity to submit comments, we request your name and e-mail address. This information will allow us to respond appropriately, if a response is in fact necessary.

Also, we may collect, monitor and store your name, e-mail address, postal address, phone number and other domain-related information. You will always know when we are collecting this information, and disclosure is always voluntary.

Finally, we also try to make it easy for you to reach us by e-mail for further information. If you do decide to e-mail us, it is important for you to know that it is likely that you will intentionally, or perhaps inadvertently, send Personal Information.

How do we use the Personal Information we collect?

First, and most importantly, we do not trade, sell, rent, lease, or otherwise share Personal Information with outside parties.

Second, any Personal Information that is disclosed is done so voluntarily. Occasionally we will collect names, postal addresses, phone numbers and domain-related information. We use this information for our own internal business purposes, including marketing programs conducted for us by our contractors, and to support your personal usage of various products and services.

Third, we never use traffic pattern information to personally identify individual users. Traffic pattern information is taken and used only to generate generic statistics. These statistics are used to identify general trends concerning the use of our Web site, tell us which of our Web pages are the most popular and to help us determine how we may improve our site.

Finally, if you identify yourself or provide Personal Information by submitting a comment or sending us an e-mail message, we use this information to respond to your comments, concerns, suggestions, questions or requests for information. Additionally, we may also use this information for our own business and marketing purposes, including programs conducted for us by our contractors.

What about cookies?

A "Cookie" is a message given to your Web browser by a Web server, in our case by a DRC Web server. Your browser stores this message in a file created by your browser (the name of the cookie file is dependent on the browser you are using). The message is then sent back to the sending server each time you visit a DRC web site.

The main purpose of a cookie (or cookies as they are commonly referred to) is to identify users for the purpose of preparing customized Web pages. For example, if you have voluntarily given DRC Personal Information, and we send a cookie to your browser, we can then provide you with custom information each time you visit one of our Web sites.

Most Web browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can usually change the settings on your browser to prevent cookies from being accepted. If you do choose to prevent us from sending cookies to your browser, you can still use most of the features on our Web site, but may be unable to use features enabled by cookies. For example, a cookie may be used to pre-fill information into text fields when you visit a particular site. If you do not accept cookies, the information would not be pre-filled and you would have to type that information in every time it is requested.

Will DRC disclose the information it collects to outside parties?

DRC does not trade, sell, rent, lease, or otherwise share Personal Information with outside parties. Only DRC's employees and third party contractors providing services for DRC are provided access to the information, and only in connection with their services for DRC.

DRC may provide generic statistics about our traffic patterns and related site information to outside parties, but these statistics will never include Personal Information.

Notwithstanding the above, we reserve the right to disclose Personal Information if required to operate or maintain our systems, or pursuant to a court order, subpoena or similar request.


DRC has links on some of its Web pages that will link users to third party Web sites. DRC is not responsible for the privacy or other policies of any third party Web sites with which it has links, or of the links offered on such third party Web sites. Please refer to the operators of such third party Web sites for information on their individual privacy policies.


DRC uses its best efforts to promote the security, integrity, and privacy of any Personal Information that you disclose. Unfortunately, no computer system or data transmission over the Internet can be guaranteed to be 100% secure. As a result, while DRC strives to protect your Personal Information, DRC cannot guarantee the security of any information you transmit to us.

As in the "real" world, the Internet, or "virtual" world, has to contend with criminals, cheats and liars. Using the Internet carries risks that you must be aware of. We cannot vouch for the security of information sent over and through computers that we do not administer. We do promise to do our best to protect your Personal Information while it is stored in our computers. We also promise to do our best to protect your Personal Information while it is in transit to and while it is stored in our computers. Our best efforts and keeping up with industry standards is our pledge to you.

Changes to the DRC Internet Privacy Policy

DRC may, at its discretion, review and, if appropriate, revise this Online Privacy Policy and its Web operations. If we ever do revise our Online Privacy Policy, revisions will be posted prior to becoming effective.

Tell us what you think

DRC welcomes your questions and comments about privacy. Please send e-mail to [email protected].

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