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Broadcast Manager

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Digital Rapids Broadcast Manager provides enterprise-level management, control, monitoring and failure recovery for multiple encoders. Scalable to hundreds of encoders, Broadcast Manager simplifies operations and boosts reliability for automated ingest, IPTV, web streaming and other IP-based video delivery.

Streamlining Workflows for One to Hundreds of Encoders

Today's live and on-demand media production and distribution workflows are more sophisticated and diverse than ever before. The volume of content to be processed continues to increase exponentially. The number of live viewing channels across multiple devices and platforms continues to grow with audience demand, increasing the number of encoders required. Consolidated management, monitoring and automation are crucial to reducing operational complexity and costs.

Broadcast Manager Live Monitoring GUI The scalable Digital Rapids Broadcast Manager software provides enterprise-class management and automation of multiple Digital Rapids StreamZ, StreamZHD, StreamZ Live and TouchStream encoding systems. Whether you have one encoder to automate for scheduled ingest, two encoders for fault tolerance of mission-critical applications or two hundred encoders for multi-channel installations such as IPTV headends, the Broadcast Manager software can simplify your workflows and lower your operational overhead.

Reinforcing Reliability for Live Streaming

Live streaming gives no second chances, and Digital Rapids encoders feature robust reliability to meet these unforgiving demands. To bolster reliability even further, Digital Rapids Broadcast Manager provides failover management and "self-healing" recovery to automatically respond to any failures. If a failure occurs on an encoder, Broadcast Manager automatically transfers operation to a backup system, with minimal interruption to your customers' viewing experience. Integrated control of upstream, third-party video routers automatically re-routes input sources accordingly. Broadcast Manager's progressive "self-healing" functions attempt to resolve problems directly on failed systems -- particularly significant if backup encoders are unavailable.

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Key Features and Benefits

  • Enterprise-class management, monitoring and control of multiple encoders from one or more locations
  • Reduced operational overhead and errors through automation and scheduling of tasks
  • Reinforces live streaming reliability with failover and 'self-healing' failure recovery
  • Seamlessly scalable from one to hundreds of encoders
  • Automated association of scheduled ingests with user-defined metadata templates and asset structures
  • Control of third-party video routers for automated signal selection and enhanced failover
  • Works with StreamZ Live, StreamZ, StreamZHD and TouchStream encoding solutions
  • Web Services API for integration into custom applications and existing enterprise systems

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