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C2 Delivery Software

The Digital Rapids C2 delivery software transfers media and data files securely, efficiently and reliably to multiple destinations with a tremendous speed advantage over standard protocols like FTP, and with outstanding resilience to challenging network conditions.

The Network Data Transfer Challenge

Organizations large and small rely on the Internet and other IP-based networks for moving large amounts of media and data over long distances. Media companies need to move video and image files between production and contribution sites, and transfer finished content – from ad spots to long-form features – to affiliates and distribution partners worldwide. National and international corporations need to move sensitive data securely and reliably. Diverse disciplines from medical imaging to seismic exploration need to move ultra-high-resolution images and large data sets quickly and efficiently.

C2 World Connectivity

'Traditional' delivery on physical media – such as video tapes, optical discs and hard drives – is expensive, time-consuming and labor-intensive. Network-based distribution via terrestrial IP-based networks or satellite offers increased automation, greater immediacy and tremendous cost savings. 

Inherent network performance limiters such as latency and packet loss, however, severely limit the speed and reliability of these transfers to a fraction of their potential when using standard TCP-based protocols such as FTP. Fluctuating network performance slows TCP-based transfers even further, and may even require multiple attempts to transfer files. You never know exactly when a file will get through – if it gets through at all. Meanwhile, transfer mechanisms limited to sequential point-to-point distribution create inefficiencies when distributing to multiple recipients.

The C2 Advantage – Reliable, Fast, Concurrent File transfers

C2 User Interface The Digital Rapids C2 software is designed to overcome these limitations, providing a tremendous speed advantage over FTP and other transfer mechanisms while featuring outstanding resilience to challenging network conditions. C2 is the next generation of the Digital Rapids Copper global data delivery software. C2 features our new Digital Rapids Whitewater transfer technology, with a pluggable transport layer enabling the use of alternative transport mechanisms.

Serial Architecture vs. Mesh Topology C2 adds a new dimension to network data delivery with a dynamic mesh topology. Connections can be formed between any number of licensed C2 Engines (nodes) in the mesh, with each connection supporting multiple parallel, concurrent data transfers and simultaneous send/receive. AES encryption ensures security, while delivery confirmation receipts provide proof of successful delivery to the intended destination.

C2 is ideal for dedicated transfer applications; as part of complete workflows alongside Digital Rapids ingest, encoding and transcoding solutions; or integrated into custom systems through C2's Web Services (SOAP) API. Wherever you need to send your media or data, you can send it there faster, more reliably and more efficiently with C2.

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Key Features and Benefits

  • Near-wirespeed transfer of large media and data files between contribution, collaboration and distribution points
  • Fast, secure, reliable file transfer over even the most unreliable networks
  • Multiple simultaneous parallel file transfers
  • Submit jobs from easy desktop client, watch folders or Web Services API
  • Audit tracking with delivery confirmation receipts
  • Multiple distribution models – satellite or IP multicast, IP unicast, and hybrid models
  • Real-time reporting and historical data tracking
  • Seamless workflow integration with other Digital Rapids and third-party systems
  • Cross-platform Clients (Windows, Mac) and Engines (Windows, Mac, Linux)


  • Content distribution and syndication
  • Content contribution and aggregation
  • Collaborative and remote production
  • Digital dailies
  • Post production
  • Review and approval
  • News gathering and remote sports coverage
  • Corporate and enterprise
  • Finance
  • Scientific
  • Government

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