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OEM Hardware

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Flux PCIe capture and preprocessing boards are available in OEM configurations with powerful and flexible SDKs, delivering outstanding quality, flexibility and reliability for third-party developers integrating high-quality video ingest into their applications.

The most powerful video capture and preprocessing cards available

Flux-6510Flux PCI Express cards are available in OEM configurations, giving your application the same outstanding quality of video and audio capture that our Stream media encoding solutions are renowned for. The Flux hardware is ideal for developers looking to add uncompromising ingest quality for encoding, streaming, and dozens of other video applications.

Flux capture and pre-processing cards are available in multiple models offering a comprehensive choice of input connectivity and source format support. The all-digital Flux-6510 features SDI, HD-SDI, dual-link HD-SDI and 3G-SDI (also known as 3Gb/s SDI) video input support with SDI embedded audio. Flux-6550 offers the same inputs plus analog video (composite, S-Video and HD/SD component), analog audio and AES digital audio.

Real-time down-conversion of dual-link and 3G-SDI inputs leverages new facility infrastructures and allows easy repurposing of dual-link and 3G-SDI sources without the workflow inconvenience and expense of external format converters. Flux HD boards also provide a future-proof upgrade path to emerging applications empowered by 3G-SDI, such as 1080p/60 and 1080p/50 distribution, advanced JPEG2000 mastering and 3D production.

Digital Rapids Stream Software Development Kit

OEM SDK Levels

Flux PCIe cards are accessible through three different development environments:

Web Services API: (control the Stream software application through SOAP Web Services)

The Web Services API will allow you to control the Stream software application (all versions) through an XML-based programming interface.  This high-level API lets your custom application access the powerful features of the Stream software through industry-standard SOAP interfaces.

Application API: (control the Stream software application through C programming)

The application API allows your custom software take advantage of the capabilities of our Stream software (all versions) through a C library, allowing you to start, stop, and monitor the Stream application software and modify project level settings. This mid-level SDK will allow you to quickly get up and running with little knowledge of video and audio capture or processing.

Low Level API: (board-level)

The board-level SDK allows you to take complete control over the Flux hardware. You will receive the drivers, development documentation (SDK) and the most recent development drivers. The low-level SDK requires you to write your own high-level application or to integrate with an existing application.

Read more about the SDK.

More Info

Key Hardware Features

  • Video and audio capture hardware optimized for real-time encoding and streaming
  • Advanced real-time video pre-processing (including motion adaptive de-interlacing with pixel-level analysis) for superior visual quality and bit rate efficiency
  • Comprehensive input options including analog, SD-SDI, HD-SDI, dual-link HD-SDI and 3G-SDI (inputs vary by model)
  • PCI Express interface for broad Windows workstation compatibility
  • Hardware-based graphic overlay, color space conversion, video adjustments and more
  • Hardware-based format conversion with cadence detection (including Inverse Telecine)

Key SDK Features

  • Very high-level API for easy integration into scripting and browser based applications
  • Mid-level API allows easy integration with Windows-based applications. Adds Stream encoding and processing capabilities to existing applications.
  • Low-level API for complete control over driver and board-level features
  • XML-based parameter storage integrates with existing web solutions

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