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Support - Stream

System Requirements

Digital Rapids Stream hardware runs on a PC with a Microsoft Windows operating system. Windows XP users must be using Service Pack 3 or higher.

The minimum CPU is a dual-core processor or dual processors, with the recommended CPU a quad-core at 2.4 GHz or higher.

Please see the Stream Software User's Guide for additional system requirements, and the Digital Rapids Hardware Guide for installation details.

Note: The number of streams that you can encode in real time (and their resolution/bit rate) is dependant on the speed of your CPU. The Stream User's Guide includes encoding benchmark tests done on different systems.

An IEEE-1394 port on the host system motherboard or OHCI-compliant IEEE-1394 add-on card in the host system is required for DV input with the DRC-1600, DRC-2600 and Flux boards.

License for Stream 3.7

Upgrading to Stream 3.7 from Stream 3.3 or earlier requires a new key. Upgrading to Stream 3.7 from 3.4 or later does not require a new key. If your Maintenance is up to date please contact Digital Rapids Support and provide your hardware ID for your free 3.7 key.

Purchase of Stream 3 includes one year of software maintenance.
Software Maintenance includes all "point" software upgrades and bug fixes (e.g. 3.6 to 3.7), not including new chargeable options, and Standard Support.
Standard Support is telephone and email support during regular business days from 10am to 6pm based on the time zone of the regional Digital Rapids Support Office.

Stream 2 is no longer supported (as of January 1, 2010).

For more information about upgrades or about renewing your Maintenance, please contact your Digital Rapids reseller or sales representative.

Stream 3.7 Software and Manuals (LE and FE)

Please read the Installation/Upgrade section in the Stream 3.7.3.b32 Readme .

Stream 3.7.3.b32 Software and Flux Support
This installer package includes the software and drivers needed for systems with a Flux board and for systems with the older PCI Stream boards.

Stream 3.7.3.b32 Readme

Stream 3.7 Software User's Guide

Digital Rapids Hardware Guide

For older versions of the Stream software please see this page.

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