MediaMesh TX Contribution Systems

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Enabling Flexible Efficiencies in Digital Content Delivery

The rapidly expanding scope of today's content distribution opportunities demands that media organizations increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their content transformation and delivery workflows. Complex, fragmented file-based processes are giving way to the need for streamlined, intuitive interfaces for content and metadata reuse combined with flexible, cost-effective mechanisms for media delivery between content contributors, aggregators and distribution partners. MediaMesh combines a robust, scalable transfer architecture with full-featured, easy-to-use sending and receiving systems, enabling digital delivery of media files over IP-based networks and satellites with an unparalleled combination of speed, simplicity, security, flexibility and cost savings. MediaMesh TX contribution systems form the origin points and intermediate hubs of the digital delivery chain.

Intuitive Content Packaging and Contribution

MediaMesh TX contribution appliances blend powerful, centralized inventory management with best-in-class media transformation and packaging capabilities, enabling flexible repurposing, submission and distribution of content. Features include content and metadata management; file conforming and transcoding; resource creation (such as proxies and thumbnails); automated (through support for leading third-party file analysis tools) and visual quality control verification; playout; print-to-tape; and delivery to individual or groups of recipients at the network edge. MediaMesh TX's intuitive graphical interface is designed for easy touch-screen operation, while full keyboard and mouse support streamlines processes such as metadata editing.

Upon receipt of a work order, inventoried content assets with associated metadata and resources can be exported, conformed, packaged and delivered to selected recipients or groups. Recipient-specific formatting requirements, edge location information and other recipient details are managed automatically 'behind-the-scenes' in a phonebook-style directory. Multiple clips can be trimmed and arranged in playlists for customized output. Published content may be sent in the recipient's final destination format or in a mezzanine package to be conformed to local format requirements at the receiving 'edge', increasing distribution efficiency by reducing the need to deliver multiple variants from the source. The MediaMesh TX 'outbox' provides comprehensive tracking of all queued, in-progress and delivered shipments and their status - from receipt confirmations to acceptance, rejection or resend requests by the recipient.

Playout-enabled MediaMesh TX models include HD/SD-SDI output for visual QC and to fulfill tape-based delivery requests. Multiple clips can trimmed into playlists for output, with playout controlled manually, via RS-422 or through an external automation system using the VDCP protocol.

MediaMesh TX contribution appliances - the powerful and flexible contribution hubs of the award-winning MediaMesh content delivery system.

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Key Features and Benefits

  • Efficient delivery of HD, SD and Digital Cinema media files between content contributors, aggregators and distributors
  • Delivers content over IP-based networks and satellite with significant cost savings and unmatched speed, simplicity, security and flexibility
  • Conforming and repackaging at receiving 'edge' increases distribution efficiency
  • Flexible sending and receiving appliances with integrated inventory management, visual QC, repurposing, packaging and playout


  • Content syndication, aggregation, distribution
  • Contribution and collaboration
  • Broadcast, cable, telco
  • IPTV, Internet television
  • Video on Demand (VOD)