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Stream 3 Software Upgrades

The third generation of the Digital Rapids Stream software for StreamZ, StreamZHD and DRC-Stream encoding systems enables new workflows and new distribution opportunities through one of our most expansive upgrades yet. New features in versions 3.0 and higher include significantly expanded compression and container format support (including Avid DNxHD®, enhanced MXF and more); all-new audio plug-in support and third-party plug-in compatibility; enhanced Closed Caption support and more.

Starting with version 3.0, we've streamlined the Stream software lineup from three levels into two. Stream LE remains our base-level software with core functionality, while StreamPro and StreamEnterprise have been consolidated into the new Stream FE, building on Stream LE with expanded workflow automation and integration capabilities. (See the Stream Software Comparison Chart for differences between Stream LE and Stream FE). Stream 3.0 is a paid upgrade (see purchasing details below).

Key features introduced in version 3.0 or 3.1 (all available in Stream FE; those marked with * are also available in Stream LE) include:

Adaptive Bit-Rate Delivery Support

Stream 3.1 LE and FE add full support for adaptive delivery technologies, extending our acclaimed ability to output multiple formats, resolutions and bitrates simultaneously. By automatically switching between outputs at different bit rates from the same source, adaptive bit-rate delivery technologies you deliver seamless viewing experiences up to HD quality (with StreamZHD) even under changing viewer network and playback conditions.

  • LIVE Microsoft IIS Smooth Streaming plus creation of file-based IIS Smooth Streaming media for on-demand use
  • Support for the Dynamic Streaming capabilities of Adobe® Flash® Media Server 3.5

Expanded and Enhanced Format Support

The Stream software’s extensive, expandable format support forms an easy bridge between acquisition, broadcast, production, distribution and archive systems. Stream FE features new or enhanced support for numerous compression and container formats through a series of optional format modules (sold separately):

  • Avid DNxHD input and output (requires MXF module)
  • GXF input* and output
  • LXF input* and output
  • Dolby® Digital (AC-3) and Dolby® Digital Plus*
  • DV/DVCPro 25/50/100(HD) in AVI*, MOV or MXF (MXF wrapper module sold separately)
  • DV/DVCPro 25/50 in LXF or GXF
  • Enhanced XDCAM input and output support including XDCAM HD 4:2:2 at 50Mbps (requires MXF module)
  • RED R3D (from RED Digital Cinema camera) input*
  • Enhanced H.264 encoding performance and quality with existing DRC Studio AVC Encoder and DRC AVC for Flash option modules
  • Enhanced timecode support with existing MXF option modules
  • New SCTE 35 Cueing Message support (for ad insertion) with existing Manzanita multiplexing option module
  • New Active Format Description (AFD) support during MPEG-2 encoding
  • New QuickTime® wrapping of MPEG-2 D10
  • New 10-bit AVI support
  • Support for VP6-S profile in existing On2 VP6 option modules*

Select sets of format modules are also available as bundles for easy ordering.

Expanded Video/Audio Plug-In Framework and Watermarking Plug-Ins

Stream Software 3.0 - Plug-Ins Stream FE incorporates a significantly enhanced video and audio processing plug-in architecture, including brand-new audio plug-in capabilities. These software-based processing plug-ins augment the systems’ hardware-based video and audio processing with additional functionality and distinct settings for each concurrent output format:

  • New audio plug-in framework, with four included plug-ins: Level (Volume), Channel Remapper/Selector, 5.1 to Stereo Mix-Down, Stereo to Mono Mix-Down
  • Additional included video processing plug-ins: Proc Amp, Black & White, Rotate 90 Degrees, Burn-in Timecode/Time-of-Day
  • Support for third-party DirectShow and DMO audio and video plug-ins
  • New optional Civolution Teletrax module (sold separately) embeds watermarks for content tracking and monitoring*
  • New optional NexGuard by Civolution forensic watermarking module (sold separately) for content protection*

Enhanced Closed Caption Support

  • Stream Software 3.0 - Closed Caption Full CEA-608 and 708 Closed Captioning support (including 608 to 708 translation from 608-only sources) for MPEG-2*, VC-1, DRC Studio AVC Encoder and ATEME H.264 Encoder
  • 608 Closed Captioning support in DVCPro*
  • Closed Caption preservation while transcoding from MPEG-2 source*
  • HD-SDI ancillary data support*
  • Caption retiming during Inverse Telecine from 29.97 to 23.976fps
  • Support for DXFP Timed Text files as Closed Captioning source
  • Insertion of Closed Caption data into VC-1/Windows Media script streams (ASF)

Stream FE 3.0 and higher also include a wide array of refinements and minor enhancements, including 2-pass encoding in Group Codecs and Clip Lists; DVD publishing enhancements and more.

How to Upgrade to Stream 3.3

Stream 3.3 is a paid upgrade for users of version 2.6 or lower. (Version 3.3 is a free update for registered Stream 3.0 users). Existing StreamPro and StreamEnterprise users can purchase an upgrade to Stream FE 3.3. Stream LE users can purchase an upgrade to Stream LE 3.3 or step up all the way to Stream FE 3.3. Purchased upgrades include Software Maintenance for a period of one year. 

For more information on purchasing Stream software upgrades and optional format modules, please contact your Digital Rapids reseller or sales representative.

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