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StreamZ Live IP

StreamZ Live IP offers the robust encoding and streaming capabilities of the StreamZ Live series in a dedicated configuration for transcoding live IP-based sources.

Read our white paper: "Improving the Internet TV and Mobile Video Experience: An Adaptive Streaming Overview".

Superior Live Encoding for IP-Based Inputs

The StreamZ Live family of live streaming encoders is renowned for its superior output quality, outstanding reliability and flexible, multi-screen output format support. StreamZ Live IP's rich output capabilities are ideal for capitalizing on today's lucrative multi-screen content distribution opportunities, allowing you to reach devices from mobile phones and tablets to PCs and connected TVs.

StreamZ Live IP supports single or multi-program Transport Stream inputs with H.264 or MPEG-2 compressed video. Program selection is integrated within StreamZ Live IP's robust configuration interface.

The adaptive streaming model of StreamZ Live IP -- StreamZ Live IP ABR -- supports two channels of HD or SD inputs and features the same flexible output capabilities as the award-winning StreamZHD Live ABR adaptive bit rate encoder. StreamZ Live IP ABR supports RTMP streaming for Adobe® Flash® technologies (including Dynamic Streaming through Adobe Flash Media Server); HTTP Live Streaming for Apple® iPhone® and iPad™; and Microsoft® Internet Information Services (IIS) Smooth Streaming (including low-latency Smooth Streaming). StreamZ Live IP's flexible architecture is also easily extensible to support additional output formats in the future.

Adaptive bit rate streaming enables higher-quality viewing experiences with television-like continuity and reliability on the Web, IPTV, over-the-top (OTT) services and mobile devices. Building on Digital Rapids' long-standing simultaneous output abilities, StreamZ Live IP ABR creates multiple output streams at varying bit rates and resolutions from the input source. As content is delivered to each viewer, the chosen adaptive delivery technology automatically switches between these streams based on the viewer's current network and playback conditions, delivering the best possible quality at any given time even under dramatically changing conditions.

In addition to live streaming outputs, StreamZ Live IP can simultaneously encode to files for subsequent on-demand distribution. A single StreamZ Live IP unit can also create outputs for multiple platforms – such as the Web and iPhone – concurrently.

StreamZ Live IP is resilient to disruptions in the IP source, with an option of replacing drops in the input with black, green or a user-selectable slate. To further reinforce StreamZ Live IP's robust reliability or to streamline multi-channel operations, multiple StreamZ Live IP encoders can be combined with the scalable Digital Rapids Broadcast Manager software for enterprise-class management, automation, scheduling, multi-channel monitoring and failover.

StreamZ Live IP – the power of the proven StreamZ Live encoder family, now for IP-input workflows.

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Key Features and Benefits

  • Premium-quality live transcoding and streaming for IP-based input sources
  • Rich adaptive streaming support and multi-screen output for devices from mobile phones and tablets to PCs and connected TVs
  • Supports single or multi-program Transport Stream inputs with H.264 or MPEG-2 compressed video
  • Simultaneous archiving to files for future on-demand use
  • Enterprise-class, multi-channel management and automation through Digital Rapids Broadcast Manager

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