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TouchStream Models and Specifications

•  standard feature        o  optional feature

Available Models (see charts below for details)
TouchStream LE TouchStream LE SDI TouchStream LE HDi
TouchStream Web TouchStream Web SDI TouchStream Web HDi
TouchStream TS TouchStream TS SDI TouchStream TS HDi
Professional Carry Bag
Archive storage (CompactFlash adapter, internal hard drive, removable hard drive)

Inputs Analog models SDI models HDi models
Composite analog video o  
Y/C (S-Video) analog video o  
Balanced analog audio (XLR) o
Unbalanced analog audio (RCA) o  
Component analog video o
SDI video   HD/SD
Embedded SDI audio  
AES/EBU stereo audio (XLR)   o o
Audio processing channels (stereo) 2 4* 4
Input video frame formats 480i (NTSC),
576i (PAL)
480i (NTSC),
576i (PAL)
SD: 480/486i (NTSC), 576i (PAL)

HD-compatible: 1080i,1080p, 720p**
Input Options
Optional breakout cable or box required for analog and AES/EBU with TouchStream SDI
Optional breakout box required for AES/EBU inputs with TouchStream HDi

Analog model shown (Inset: HDi model)

Output Formats (by model) LE Web TS
VC-1/Windows Media (including multicast, script streaming, Microsoft Silverlight, IIS Smooth Streaming)  
H.264/AVC over RTMP (Adobe Flash including Dynamic Streaming)    
H.264/AVC (Microsoft Silverlight including IIS Smooth Streaming)    
H.264/AVC (e.g. to Darwin or Wowza Server for QuickTime)  
H.264/AVC for Apple iPhone/iPad with integrated segmenting*** o o o
On2 VP6 (Adobe Flash) o o  
AAC Audio  
MP3 Audio    
3GPP (H.263, H.264, MPEG-4 Part 2, AAC and AMR audio) o o o
H.264/AVC in Transport Stream o o
MPEG-2 in Transport Stream (live and file)    
MPEG-2 (file archiving only) o o

Dimensions (screen not tilted) 400.5mm / 15.8" L
224.5mm / 8.84" W
142.5mm / 5.61" H (with feet on)
132.5mm / 5.22" H (feet off – 3RU)
Hardware-based video pre-processing
(motion adaptive de-interlacing, noise reduction, cropping, scaling, filtering, video adjustments)
Graphic overlay
Manual start/stop, scheduling and GPI triggers
Remote management, control and monitoring with Digital Rapids Broadcast Manager (sold separately) o
Customizable, password-protected function locking
Archive to file during streaming With optional internal or external (USB) storage

* 2 stereo SDI embedded channels; 4 stereo channels with analog/AES option (2 SDI/AES + 2 analog, or 4 analog)
** HD inputs may require down-conversion (automatically performed within TouchStream) to lower resolution or frame rate for streaming output (dependent on output format). 720p@30fps output supported in H.264 and MPEG-2.
*** HTTP-based segmented streaming for iPhone/iPad requires optional internal or external storage

One year Software Maintenance and Standard Support included. Additional years (annual renewal) and premium service plans available for purchase.