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Preview: Transcode Manager 2.0

Coming Soon: Next-Generation Transcoding, Powered by Kayak 

Transcode Manager 2.0 is built on our groundbreaking, patent-pending Kayak workflow platform, providing dynamic deployment flexibility, intelligent automation and a modular, future-proof architecture that can easily adapt to the changing requirements of the rapidly evolving media landscape. Powerful new capabilities in Transcode Manager 2.0 enabled by the Kayak platform include:

Advanced visual workflow design

The included Kayak Designer lets users visually define sophisticated, decision-based media processing flows with rich metadata support. Components (the building blocks of workflows, representing individual processes, decisions or actions) and their relationships are graphically combined to form Blueprints. Kayak Designer lets you implement and automate almost any task you can imagine, from basic video and audio processing to complex, multi-stage workflows.

Inline, logic-driven process automation

Existing solutions separate workflow logic from individual processes, creating an environment where media moves discretely through multiple stages to complete the processing chain. The Kayak platform integrates workflow logic directly into the processing pipeline, continuously analyzing content on a frame-by-frame or sample-by-sample basis. Advanced, decision-based branching adapts processing tasks or parameters based on the attributes of individual samples, changing metadata (such as mixed AFD aspect ratio management codes within a source file) or the results of analytical processes. This enables more 'intelligent' workflows, a more efficient processing path from ingest to delivery and increased performance throughout the processing chain.

Dynamic application deployment 

Transcode Manager’s underlying Kayak platform revolutionizes cost savings, technology deployment and system management with the introduction of component-based dynamic applications. Extending deployment dynamics far beyond just floating licenses, Kayak's dynamic application components are stored in a central repository and accessed only at run-time. As workflow Blueprints are assigned to hosts by the Transcode Manager server, Kayak Agents retrieve the required components from the pool, building and deploying applications on-the-fly.

As components represent discrete technologies, they can be updated with new features or optimizations independently, with the updates automatically deployed upon the components' next use by an Agent. The operational costs of software upgrades, maintenance and deployment are largely eliminated.

The cloud experience

As only the lightweight Kayak Agents must be pre-installed on processing hosts, Transcode Manager 2.0 delivers the experience of an on-demand cloud processing solution within your facilities, fully scalable from individual systems to geographically distributed 'farms'. Resources can be grouped, scheduled and managed virtually, optimizing resource utilization based on job requirements and availability. These advantages also provide a seamless path for expansion into the cloud, with upcoming support for the Microsoft® Windows Azure™ cloud services platform and tight integration between on-premises and cloud-based media processing for hybrid operations.


Transparent transition for existing installations

Transcode Manager 2.0 provides a smooth transition path for existing users, protecting your investment. The new Kayak-based Engines can be integrated easily into existing Transcode Manager installations through the new 2.0 version of Transcode Manager Server, appearing to the operator as additional resources alongside existing 'classic' Transcode Engines.

Open Development Platform

Third-party developers wishing to deeply integrate their technologies or solutions with Transcode Manager 2.0 or other Kayak-based applications can develop directly on the Kayak platform. The Kayak foundation includes a rich multi-language, multi-platform development framework and toolset that allows developers to work in their preferred programming language in a powerful, modular, component-based model.

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Key Features and Benefits (Transcode Manager 2.0)

  • Superior quality, intelligent automation and exceptional performance for high-volume media transcoding
  • Powered by the new Kayak workflow platform
  • Scalable from small transcoding 'farms' to global media processing operations
  • Comprehensive compression and file format support
  • Intuitive, visual workflow design tools 
  • Advanced, inline, logic-driven process automation maximizes efficiency 
  • Elastic scalability with dynamic, on-demand deployment
  • Integration with leading third-party quality control (QC) tools for automatic output verification
  • Easy custom integration with comprehensive API and open development platform