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Stream VOD Packager

The Stream VOD Packager software reduces the complexity of preparing content assets for Video On Demand (VOD) distribution, enabling easy creation of metadata compliant with VOD server specifications and encapsulating it with associated media into complete content packages.

VOD Content Asset Package Creation Simplified

The Stream VOD Packager software provides a user-friendly interface for creating metadata structures compatible with the CableLabs® VOD Metadata Specification and packaging them with encoded media for loading onto Video On Demand (VOD) servers. Stream VOD Packager complements our StreamZ and StreamZHD media encoding systems’ ability to create media files compatible with the CableLabs content encoding specification from a wide array of input sources including existing digital media files, tape and live feeds. Stream VOD Packager makes creating a VOD server-ready package as easy as the encoding.

Template-Driven Ease

VOD Packager User InterfaceStream VOD Packager simplifies metadata creation with an intuitive, template-driven interface. Advanced users are able to create or customize templates that include fields for the metadata needed for their particular VOD server. Standard users then simply open the pre-defined templates and fill in the data required. When the operator has finished entering the data, the application will validate all required fields before making the ADI package.

Once metadata editing is complete, Stream VOD Packager combines the metadata with the associated high definition or standard definition media file into a complete package compatible with CableLabs VOD standards. Packages can be saved into archive folders or into Tar files in preparation for distribution.

A Powerful VOD Production Workflow

While Stream VOD Packager supports the packaging of metadata with pre-encoded HD or SD media files from any encoder that conforms to CableLabs encoding specifications, integration with StreamZ and StreamZHD provides the optimal workflow benefits. When encoding files meeting CableLabs’ specifications, the Stream software can export a data file that can used by Stream VOD Packager to automatically fill in the metadata fields relating to the technical attributes of the media.

The Stream VOD Packager software can be run on any Windows XP, Vista or Windows Server system, and need not be on the same system as the Stream encoder — thus leaving the encoding systems available for their intended tasks.

Together, the Stream VOD Packager software and the StreamZ family of encoders offer an unparalleled combination of input format flexibility, quality, productivity and cost-effectiveness for the production of server-ready, standards compliant VOD files.


CableLabs is a registered trademark of Cable Television Laboratories, Inc.

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Key Features and Benefits

  • Intuitive, template-driven interface for VOD metadata creation
  • Reduces complexity of preparing content for VOD distribution
  • Compatible with CableLabs VOD Metadata Specification
  • Packages encoded media with associated metadata in server-ready form
  • Integration with Digital Rapids Stream media encoding solutions
  • Standalone software doesn’t tie up encoding systems

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