Brief Questions and Explanations About a Common Seal

by Carlos Sim
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A common seal is a tool that is often found and used in the office. Basically, the way a common seal works is by pressing two plates against the front and backside of a paper to leave an embossed imprint onto the surface. Usually, people design a common seal with the logo of their company. A common seal is important because it can confirm the authenticity of a document and approves it for release. It represents the company’s decisions. That’s why, the uses of a common seal can not be taken lightly. Not only the use, but also the designing process.

Simply putting it, a common seal means the official signature of a company or organization. It used to be mandatory for the process of authentication and authorization of a document before it gets released or issued by the company. However, over the past few years, some countries have stated that it is no longer mandatory. Despite so, many business professionals still regard it as proper to leave the imprint of a company logo on the letters or documents that are to be exuded by the company. Thus, a common seal remains as something that is quite highly demanded by many small to large companies.

What is it used?

As briefly mentioned before, it is important for the purpose of correspondence, mostly. A document will be regarded as official and genuine if they can show the logo of the company imprinted on the paper. A common seal can help do this in an elegant way because it leaves an embossed imprint. Even though many countries no longer think a common seal is important, some others still do. It is important to make sure that your documents can be regarded legal overseas as well especially if you’re working with a company from a country that still requires a common seal for business uses. You have to always be prepared and make one from now on. Surely, you don’t want to let a good opportunity slip. So you always have to be able to provide your professionalism whenever possible.

How to get a common seal?

Before you proceed to actually find a place to manufacture a common seal, you have to first make sure that your business is registered with the government. If not, then you should register it according to the steps. After getting registered, you will receive a registration number. This number is very important because it needs to be present in the design of the common seal. You can design your common seal any way you want, as long as it is still proper. All you have to do next is hand in your design to a common seal manufacturer. Normally, a common seal can be made within several working days. Some places even offer the service of one day common seal production. This is good if you’re in a hurry, but bad at the same time because it tends to cost a lot.

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