Common Seal: Its Advantages and Relevance in this Era

by Otto Guzman
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A common seal has been used for years and it holds great importance especially in doing formal business.

A common seal is best known as a tool that is used to authorize documents that are going to be executed or issued by a company. It was mandatory, but now in many countries, it is no longer a must. The use of a common seal can now be replaced by the signature of the company directors.

However, it doesn’t mean that a common seal is no longer useful. It still can prove its worth in several ways, and in this article, you will find out about them.

1. Give off the right impression

By using a common seal to complete the look of the document your company issue, it will give off a more professional image and it results in a more elegant-looking deed. The recipient of the document is highly likely to be more impressed by this small attention paid to the job done by your company rather than a document that is only signed. A common seal makes a document feels more proper and important.

2. Avoid mistakes in executing documents

Adding the common seal emboss last helps you to remember to check everything on the document before it is finalized. This means you will be more alerted to pay attention to any possible mistakes, from small errors such as in typing, or even greater ones regarding the content or whatever agreed upon the document. Before you use the company seal, you must always remember to make sure that everything is mistake-free so that there won’t be any misunderstanding or complication happen because of the mistake that is overlooked.

3. Substitution upon certain events

A company director is a busy figure in a company. Thus, there are sometimes occasions where they are not present in the office. Now, what if during that time, a document needs to be issued urgently? The signature of the company director can be substituted by a common seal and assisted by the secretary. It is convenient as it doesn’t make the director needs to return only to sign documents. Thus, a common seal is proven to be beneficial in such situations.

4. International business

Several countries indeed no longer require a common seal to authorize and issue their documents. However, there are some countries that still do deem common seal to be important. It is not impossible that perhaps your company will be able to have a chance to work with a company from such country. Thus, your company must be able to provide your common seal as a way of doing business with them so that the documents necessary to seal the deal can be approved legally by overseas courts and lawyers.

In order to acquire a common seal, you can find a seal manufacturer or a printing service that have the option of common seal making. Each usually has different prices depending on the quality they can provide, so you must choose carefully and opt for the best you can get.

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