May 2009 
Simultaneous Multi-Format Encoding for Efficient Content Repurposing

White Paper -- Efficient Multi-Format Content RepurposingDistributing content to multiple viewing platforms is commonplace for almost all content and rights owners in today's competitive and increasingly fragmented media environment. The expanding breadth of viewing devices is accompanied by divergence in the encoding formats and parameters required for optimal presentation quality and device compatibility. While traditional production and distribution platforms used a limited range of formats, protocols and parameters, little such consistency exists today. IPTV, Internet TV (which itself might be viewed on a personal computer or through a set-top box), broadcast, mobile phones, personal media players – all of these targets have their own unique characteristics, and no one encoding specification optimally serves them all. When repurposing content for multiple viewing platforms, the efficiency of the encoders and surrounding workflow to create these deliverables have a significant impact on productivity, costs, the viewer experience and the timely availability of content.

This paper, first published in the May 2009 issue of Broadcast Engineering magazine, looks at methods of concurrent multi-format encoding and their benefits.

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