Simple Procedure for Company Incorporation in Singapore

by Nathan Lee
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Singapore is one of the popular remote business places in the world. The people prefer Singapore to start their new business or expand their existing one. Registering the company is easy and hassle-free. Singapore ranked as top places on the planet for doing the business. The economic level of the country is excellent, so you can start the business and operate them smoothly. The individual’s age should be at least 18 years old to start the business.

Guide to register the business in Singapore 

Are you looking to register the company in a metropolitan city? Need to start a new business in Singapore? Well, you are landed in the right destination. Here you can get tips on registering the company in the country. People will be comforted to know that the company incorporation in Singapore is fully computerized. The agency should submit the application form within one hour. The registrar incorporates the business on a similar day. The people can reserve the name of the company and register the organization at once. Below are a few steps to register the company in Singapore. 

  • Reserve name of the company 

Singapore Government should approve the business name before they can register it in the country. The registrar of the company will oversee the procedure of incorporation. The agency will fill the necessary application form and submit it with the required documents. The company registrar must notify the decision immediately. Particular words will show the procedure like the bank, finance, law, media, and much more. If anyone uses these kinds of words, then Government authority will get involved that may delay the incorporation process by weeks. Once you have reserved the company name successfully, you can register the firm efficiently.

  • Register the business 

After the company registrar approves the name of the business, the experts will process the application form and documents on the same day. The accounting will check all the materials, and company shareholders, as well as director, should have signed the forms correctly. The individuals from particular countries may find their application form delayed. The government authority will want to carry out the new interviews. The business owners should pay the company registrar for their service. The service fee also includes in the Singapore company incorporation package offered by the agency. Once you have registered the company, you can operate the business successfully. 

What are the documents required for company incorporation 

Starting the business in Singapore can be a necessary process. For the company incorporation in Singapore, you will need essential information and document related to the company. The following are vital documents and details required to register the company:

  • Name of the company 
  • Number of the shareholder details 
  • The registered address of the company 
  • Company secretary details 
  • Business activities description 
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association 

At the time of registering the company in Singapore, you need to have the document as mentioned above and information that helps you to complete the incorporation process quickly. 

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