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StreamZ Live Encoders

StreamZ Live
The StreamZ Live family of live streaming media encoders deliver the acclaimed reliability and exceptional output quality of Digital Rapids' StreamZ and StreamZHD multi-purpose encoders in streamlined configurations optimized for live applications from IPTV channels to Internet TV and mobile video.

Looking for live adaptive streaming? StreamZHD Live ABR is the industry's highest-quality adaptive bit rate encoder. Learn more.

Top-Quality Live Encoding and Streaming in a Wide Range of Formats

Whether viewed on a PC, mobile device or IPTV set-top box, IP-based streaming video has redefined broadcast and lets you reach more viewers than ever before. Bridging traditional video and IP networks, your live media encoders are critical points along the path between you and your viewers. Complementing our multi-purpose StreamZ and StreamZHD encoding systems, StreamZ Live encoders deliver the same outstanding quality, reliability and easy operation in dedicated configurations for live applications.

Live Streaming Flow

StreamZ Live models are available with a comprehensive range of analog and digital input options, from HD and SD video to IP inputs for existing source streams (coming soon). HD models support 1080i, 1080p and 720p inputs, with real-time outputs up to full 1920x1080 resolution.

StreamZ Live encoders are available with a broad range of encoding formats to reach your desired platforms, from Adobe Flash (H.264/AVC or On2 VP6), Microsoft Silverlight (H.264/AVC or VC-1/Windows Media) and QuickTime (Darwin server) based web experiences to IPTV set-top boxes, mobile phones (from 3GPP devices to the Apple iPhone) and the iPad. StreamZ Live can output streams in multiple formats, resolutions and bit rates simultaneously, letting you target multiple audiences from a single system.

Select StreamZ Live models including StreamZHD Live ABR – the industry’s highest-performance adaptive streaming encoder – support adaptive bit rate technologies including Microsoft IIS Smooth Streaming, Adobe Dynamic Streaming and HTTP streaming to the Apple iPhone and iPad. Adaptive bit rate streaming lets you deliver seamless viewing experiences up to HD quality under changing viewer network and playback conditions.

Spectacular Quality in Sophisticated Workflows

StreamZLive 1RUEven the most compelling content can fall flat if delivered at poor quality. The StreamZ Live family features the renowned quality that leading studios and networks depend on daily, ensuring that your streams will exceed your audience's expectations. StreamZ Live's advanced video preprocessing features 'groom' source video signals to deliver superior streaming quality and the most efficient use of bandwidth in the compressed result.

The integrated Stream Live software provides an operator-friendly interface for configuring encoding and streaming parameters. Multiple configuration profiles can be stored and recalled for easy re-use. Video adjustments and graphic overlay let you refine the incoming source and add branding such as a logo to the outgoing stream. Outputs can be saved to files for subsequent on-demand use. Script commands can be inserted into ASF outputs to trigger downstream events such as advertising insertion.

Multiple StreamZ Live encoders can be combined with the scalable Digital Rapids Broadcast Manager software for centralized management, scheduling, monitoring,upstream router control and failover for fault tolerance, simplifying operations and bolstering reliability with a complete enterprise-class live stream encoding workflow.

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Key Features and Benefits

  • Live encoding and streaming in a wide range of formats for the Web, mobile devices and IPTV
  • Advanced preprocessing for exceptional streaming quality and optimal bandwidth usage
  • Robust reliability for unforgiving live environments
  • Simultaneous archiving to files for future on-demand use
  • Enterprise-class, multi-channel management and automation through Digital Rapids Broadcast Manager
  • SD, HD and (coming soon) IP-input models


  • IPTV
  • Internet TV
  • Mobile
  • Live event web streaming Corporate communications, web training, event streaming
  • Education
  • Broadcast, cable, telco
  • Worship

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