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Sept 1, 2005

Digital Rapids Copper 1.2 Gives You the Ability to Customize Your Digital Media Delivery Workflow

Markham, Ontario: Digital Rapids announces Copper 1.2, an update to its secure, wirespeed digital media delivery software. This update adds tools to optimize network utilization through tuneable rate control, publish customized reports and run user-defined scripts.

“By adding user-defined publishing and post-send or receive commands, we have given users the ability to customize exactly how Copper handles digital media, and how it reports the media delivery, so that it fits each customer’s workflow on a project by project basis.” says Brick Eksten, President of Digital Rapids Corporation. “Also, we have included tools that can be used to make Copper much more friendly to other traffic on the network.”

New Copper 1.2 features include:

  • Tuneable Rate Control to manage the data rate used by Copper when it sends a file. This function constantly monitors network conditions, and if the network is being used by other traffic it automatically scales back the Copper data rate so that other traffic can continue to use the network. The data rate used by Copper can be tuned from a trickle of data to extremely aggressive network utilization.
  • Publish function used to create customized transmission reports, to fill in values in a database, to drive a web page, to insert text into the body of an email, etc. Publishing uses a user-defined template file that includes ‘tags’, or markers that indicate system generated metadata. It replaces these tags with the metadata collected by the system as each file is sent or received.
  • Command function used to trigger user written scripts before a file is sent, after a file is sent, or after a file is received. For example, a script could be used to move files received from different transmitters to different folders on the network, automating the task so that an operator does not need to monitor the Copper Receiver.
  • The Copper Receiver may be installed as a Windows Service. When the Receiver is installed as a service, it’s not necessary for someone to be logged on for the Receiver to accept files, the system simply needs to be powered up.
  • Volumize function for more efficient transmission of very large files or numerous small files. Compress function for more efficient transmission of data based files.
  • Volumize and compression can be used along with encryption to allow for efficient, secure network utilization.

Copper 1.2 is a free upgrade for Copper 1.0 customers.

For more information on Digitla Rapids Copper please visit the Digital Rapids web site:

About Digital Rapids Corporation – Digital Rapids is a leading developer of professional hardware and software solutions for real-time video ingest, playout, transcoding, and streaming. Product lines include Stream video ingest and transcoding solutions, Copper for the secure and error corrected distribution of digital media over diverse networks, StreamZHD and CarbonHD, an HD product line for real-time HD acquisition, playout, and transcoding. Digital Rapids products integrate seamlessly into existing post production, broadcast, and corporate environments, dramatically increasing the volume and quality of media produced while increasing productivity and lowering overall costs. Digital Rapids Corporation ( is headquartered in Ontario, Canada and has sales offices in California, the UK and Australia.

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