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Support - Broadcast Mgr

Broadcast Manager Licensing

The Broadcast Manager Server and each Broadcast Encoder require a license to run. The Media Manager Console software does not require a license to run. Please refer to the Broadcast Manager Licensing guide for more information.

Depending on which component you are licensing you will need to provide a Digital Rapids System ID or Hardware ID to obtain a license. Please refer to the Users Guide and contact Digital Rapids Technical Support to register your product and obtain the required licenses.

For Broadcast Manager 1.6, you must obtain a new 1.6 license to run this version of the software. If you are upgrading from an earlier version of the software and your annual maintenance fee is up to date then this will be a free key upgrade. All new keys will include the date when your annual maintenance fee is due, and this will be visible in the server’s Help > About dialog. Note that your software will continue to run even after your annual maintenance has expired, but you will no longer be entitled to upgrades or support until your annual maintenance has been renewed. (Please contact your Digital Rapids sales office if you require information about annual maintenance renewal.)

Broadcast Manager 1.6 Software and Manuals

Broadcast Manager 1.6 Users Guide

Broadcast Manager 1.6.b16 Readme

Broadcast Manager 1.6.b16 Software - This version requires a NEW 1.6 license to run

For older versions of the Broadcast Manager software please see this page.

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