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August 17, 2006

Digital Rapids’ Distributed Transcoding and Live Stream Encoding Management Software to Make European Debut at IBC

Markham, Ontario: Stream Transcode Manager and Stream Broadcast Manager, two new enterprise-level tools from Digital Rapids – a leading developer of solutions for content ingest, encoding, transcoding, protection and delivery – will make their European debut next month at IBC2006 in Amsterdam. These applications provide scalable, centralized management and control for multiple Digital Rapids encoding and transcoding systems.

Stream Transcode Manager is designed to manage and automate large transcoding jobs involving many media files. Working in conjunction with multiple Digital Rapids XCoder software-based transcoding nodes or Digital Rapids Stream media encoding systems, Stream Transcode Manager intelligently assigns jobs to automatically make the most efficient use of the available transcoding resources. Stream Transcode Manager goes beyond standard load balancing by “learning” which resources are most efficient for each type of transcode and allocating jobs accordingly. Additional features include failure recovery, notification and report publishing.

Stream Broadcast Manager centralizes management and control of multiple live streaming encoders, handling encoder resource management, scheduling, status updates, failover, maintenance modes and alerts. Failover management provides fault tolerance by automatically bringing backup systems online, while “self-healing” attempts to resolve problems directly on failed systems. Systems can be stopped at pre-determined times to allow system maintenance, and Stream Broadcast Manager will automatically bring the backup systems online while the primary systems are in maintenance mode. Additional features of Stream Broadcast Manager include automated setup using network discovery protocols, extensive notification including customized reports, and individual or group system management.

“Stream Transcode Manager and Stream Broadcast Manager bring the scalability and reliability of our industry-leading encoding systems to a new level while delivering operational benefits to our customers,” said Brick Eksten, President of Digital Rapids Corporation. “Stream Transcode Manager maximizes throughput and productivity when transcoding, and both tools simplify operations while reducing the costs associated with manual management and monitoring of the systems – particularly significant in the large installations we’re seeing in applications such as IPTV.”

The complete line of Digital Rapids products, including Stream Transcode Manager and Stream Broadcast Manager, will be showcased at IBC 2006 in September, in stand number 7.641. For more information, please visit our web site at

About Digital Rapids Corporation – Digital Rapids is a leading developer of professional hardware and software solutions for video ingest, encoding, transcoding, protection, streaming, and delivery. Digital Rapids offers solutions that scale from individual applications to enterprise and global workflows, with the proven expertise to help our customers maximize their productivity and the value of their content in the evolving digital media market. Digital Rapids products integrate seamlessly into new and existing post production, broadcast, institutional and media distribution environments, dramatically increasing the volume and quality of media produced while lowering overall costs. Digital Rapids Corporation ( is headquartered in Ontario, Canada with sales offices in California, the UK and Australia.

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