3 Things That Can Ruin Your Sticker

by Nathan Lee
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You must already know and often see sticker, right? Yes, we often find stickers in various places, from public places to personal items. The use of stickers is not only limited to this, but is even wider in the commercial world. In terms of making a sticker, they are very easy to make, both in the design and printing process. This is due to the ease with which it is easy to find design references online, as well as the ease of using design applications in general. Besides, the machine-made printing process makes the printing process fast and cheaper. Stickers can be used by anyone from elementary school children to adults. 

Even though making stickers is easy, there are several things you need to know to avoid while making stickers and when printing them at your nearest printing shop. Some of these tips you won’t expect. So make sure you read it to the end. 

1. Your Design Itself 

When you design stickers, you don’t want these stickers to be ordinary, right? Of course, you want the stickers you make to stand out from your competitors, or even just want to be noticeable for everyone. To achieve this cannot be done carelessly. You first need to know what you want to convey, then interpret it in a picture or writing, or even a combination of both. You can ask your friends or colleagues for input about the sticker designs you made. Make several choices and ask them which one they like and ask them what makes them like one design over the other. That way, you will get a wider perspective, and of course, become a very useful input for your stickers. Make sure your sticker design is not too dense or else it will look cramped, and less likely to be seen. 

2. Your Colour Combination  

The use of colour is very crucial in making stickers, why is that? This is because the colour will give ‘life’ to the image/writing/image & writing that is on your sticker. You need to know what kind of nuance you want to convey to your consumers or audience. For example, if your target audience is children, then you can use colourful stickers to attract their attention. Also, pay attention to the colour combination, make sure bright and striking colours are not combined or side by side, this will decrease the readability of your stickers and make the eyes less comfortable. 

3. The Finishing Material 

If you want to stick your sticker outside the room like in public places, then you want the finishing material you use to be resistant to temperature changes and waterproof. I mean, most of the stickers has already this type of durability, but there are specific types of stickers that you need to consult with the printing shop you choose. That way, you will know better what type of material is most suitable for your needs. Those are the things you need to know to avoid getting your sticker ruined. It’s easy enough for you to apply as the guidelines, good luck! 

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