A Few Tips When You Decide to Make A Greeting Card

by Brian Torres
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We know that greeting cards are widely used during the holiday season. But the application of greeting cards is not only limited for that! Greeting cards can also be used on special occasions such as birthdays, or when you want to express your sentiment. 

If you have a plan to make greeting cards for the holiday season, a special occasion, or to express your sentiments, maybe you need to read some tips about making greeting cards beforehand. Some of the tips may help the making process easier, more effective, and minimize the risk of failure! So, here are a few of them! 

1. About the Recipient 

So, at this point, let’s talk a few tips relating to the recipients of your greeting card. You can check out some of the tips below!  

  • The first tip, it is important for you to know who will be the recipient of your card. Why? Because this can help you to know what you are going to do with your greeting card. For instances, if you want to send it to your boss or maybe your grandparents, then you better make and write a message on the card formally. Especially when you want to make and give the card to your customers, knowing your audience is absolutely important! You can find out something they are interested in and make some adjustments to your card based on it!  
  • The second tip, you need to make a list. Maybe, you don’t need to list who will be the recipient if you only want to send it to 3 or 5 people. But what if you own a business and want to send greeting cards to more than 40 customers? Then making a list would be better for you. But please note that you need to make sure all the names and addresses on your list are correct! 

2. Design 

Then we move on to talk about a few tips you may need when designing your greeting cards. Here are some of them! 

  • If you want to make greeting cards for your customers, it is okay to add your company logo on the card! So, the card can be a medium to build your brand awareness too.  
  • Do you want to include some word on the design? Then make sure you set the right font type and size so that everyone can read it easily. 
  • Matching the colours to the occasion would be a great idea! For instance, you can use green, red, and white on your Christmas greeting card. 

3. Printing  

Here are a few tips about printing your greeting cards.  

  • Print quality determines the result of your card. So, to get great results, it is recommended that you go to an experienced printing service to print greeting card
  • Make sure you print extra cards! We never knew we missed a few people to be on our list. 
  • Instead of ordering the card during peak season when the demand for greeting cards is high, then you better make the card early to minimize the risk of your card being late. 

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