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April 15, 2009

Digital Rapids Integrates Civolution's Teletrax Watermarking

(Press Release from Civolution) Eindhoven, Netherlands and Markham, Ontario: Civolution, the leading provider of technology and services for identifying, managing and monetizing media content and Digital Rapids, the leading provider of tools and solutions for bringing television, film and web content to wider audiences, announced today the availability of an integrated solution for multiple-format encoding and watermarking, making it simpler and more cost-effective for organisations to watermark and track their content. The integrated solution makes its global debut at NAB on the Digital Rapids (SL6213) and Civolution (SU2512) booths.

"Monitoring and tracking usage provides valuable data to help content owners maximize the value of their content and the effectiveness of their media strategies," said Brian Stevenson, Director of Product Management at Digital Rapids. "We're very pleased to extend our partnership with Civolution and to offer the power of Teletrax to our customers as part of seamless and efficient encoding, transcoding and watermarking workflows."

As part of the upcoming 3.0 software release for Digital Rapids’ award-winning StreamZ and StreamZHD media ingest and encoding servers, Civolution’s Teletrax watermarking and broadcast monitoring solution will be available as an optional module. Teletrax will also be supported as an optional plug-in with the latest version of the Digital Rapids Transcode Manager software.

With the optional Teletrax plug-in, users of StreamZ, StreamZHD and Transcode Manager can watermark source content 'on the fly' as part of the encoding or transcoding process as new file formats are generated. Once watermarked, content will then be tracked across the Teletrax global monitoring network of over 1,500 television channels worldwide. Using a dedicated online web interface, subscribers of the Teletrax service will obtain precise details of content airings, only minutes after broadcast. The business intelligence provided enables content or rights owners to make informed decisions that will directly impact their bottom-line.

"This is a very exciting development and we are thrilled to strengthen our long-standing partnership with Digital Rapids," said Andy Nobbs, Chief Commercial Officer at Civolution. "By combining both Digital Rapids' encoding and transcoding technology advances with Teletrax’s watermarking and broadcast monitoring solution, we are setting a new standard for efficiency and capability in today’s sophisticated media workflows."

StreamZ and StreamZHD offer simultaneous, top-quality encoding to multiple formats and devices from live, tape and file-based sources. The Transcode Manager enterprise-class media transcoding software provides automated, distributed file-to-file transcoding for high-volume, multi-format workflows, allowing increased production volume while reducing operational costs.

Civolution's broadcasting service, Teletrax, maintains a proprietary network of detectors that monitors over 1,500 television channels worldwide. It is the only global broadcast verification and intelligence service. Teletrax precisely tracks and monitors where, when and how video content is being aired around the world. Airing information is delivered within minutes of broadcast via a web-based reporting interface. The intelligence provided helps media executives to evaluate the reach of their video assets, confirm and prove airing of content, offer proof of performance for sponsors/partnerships, identify the misappropriation of televised assets, develop new licensing models, control content inventory and improve return on investment.


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