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Advantages of Digital Rapids Solutions

Digital Rapids encoding, transcoding and live streaming solutions offer a broad range of advantages over competing systems. While specific advantages will vary, there are a number of general differentiators that summarize some of the compelling ways in which our products excel against alternatives:

Superior quality — Visual quality is of the utmost importance for any professional media application, whether preserving image integrity for production or archive; creating engaging audience experiences; or maintaining a premium brand image with viewers. All Digital Rapids solutions incorporate best-of-breed codec implementations optimized to deliver outstanding quality and make the most efficient use of bandwidth. Our solutions with baseband video inputs also incorporate advanced, hardware-based video pre-processing capabilities that further bolster image quality by 'grooming' the source prior to encoding.

Rich format flexibility — Digital Rapids solutions are renowned for both the breadth and depth of their format support, from compression and file (container) formats to streaming protocols. Unlike single-format hardware encoders and solutions offering only a limited number of formats, our flexible software codec architecture supports a broad range of standard and optional formats, and enables the easy addition of new formats to ensure against obsolescence. Meanwhile, deeply configurable output parameters enable precise optimization of each format for your target devices and applications.

Multi-format efficiency — Digital Rapids systems can output to multiple formats, resolutions and bit rates simultaneously, enabling you to create optimized media for diverse audiences across multiple platforms without additional effort or complexity.

Integrated live and file-based workflows — Today's sophisticated media environments often involve combinations of live-to-live, live-to-file and file-to-file operations. Digital Rapids offers rich solutions for both live and file-based applications, with powerful workflow integration capabilities both within and bridging the live and file-based domains. A shared technology base provides seamless, consistent operation and results when combining multiple Digital Rapids solutions into sophisticated workflows, while powerful tools and APIs allow easy integration with third-party systems and custom applications.

Easy, future-proof upgradeability — Built on an extensible, software-centric architecture, Digital Rapids solutions are easily upgradeable to support not only new formats, but also completely new or enhanced functionality - particularly important in today's rapidly evolving digital media environments.

Precise control — From the deep output profile configurability of all Digital Rapids solutions to the granular, precise workflow manipulations offered in Transcode Manager 2.0, our solutions offer customers unparalleled control over the precise details of their media processing.

Precise output conformance — In addition to being able to create files that conform to industry specifications (such as compatibility with the CableLabs® content encoding specification), outputs from our solutions adhere to the exacting specifications, protocol and bit rate conformance required by professional applications and stringent devices such as set-top boxes.

Scalability — In addition to the scalability within each of our systems, multiple Digital Rapids solutions can be combined with our enterprise-class management systems to seamlessly scale from small local clusters to global, geographically-distributed workflows with hundreds of processing resources.

Reliability — Designed to meet the demanding reliability requirements of premium, high-pressure media environments, our solutions are in constant operation transforming tens of thousands of files daily and powering hundreds of live channels for the world's leading media enterprises. In conjunction with our enterprise management applications, our solutions also feature robust failure recovery options for worse-case scenarios.

Cost-effectiveness — Using open-standards, general-purpose computing platforms for our hardware and software enables us to offer our systems less expensively than dedicated proprietary solutions; meanwhile, the automation, efficiency, management capabilities and exceptional performance of our solutions help our customers reduce operational costs.

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