Remember These 3 Things to Design a Banner That Stands Out in Singapore

by Carlos Sim
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Making the decision to use a banner as your tool of advertising means that there are several considerations that need to be taken into account. It is quite an affordable advertising tool, but it also requires quite an effort to make especially during the designing process before banner printing in Singapore. The designing part of banner production is very important because it determines the quality and capability of a banner to do its expected work.

A banner that is designed well will be able to truly reach the target audience, whereas a banner that is designed half-heartedly won’t be able to effectively deliver the important things that need to be conveyed to the potential customers no matter how good the material of the banner is or how it is placed in a perfect place that can truly help you to gain exposure.

Here are a few things that you need to remember as you design your banner so that it can be a good one.

1. Banner Placement

The design of your banner must be suitable for where it will be placed. A lot of things depend on the information of the place the banner will be put upon. For example, the banner size, the banner dimension, and also color scheme. For example, if it will be hung up in a place with high light intensity, you will have to avoid colors that are not easy to be seen under bright lights. That goes the other way around with low light places. So before you design, make sure that you first know the place of the banner to be able to design accordingly.

2. Large Fonts

It is better for a banner to have large fonts that are not only attractive but also easy to be seen and read. Banners are usually put in high traffic places where people pass by. The advantage of this is that a lot of eyes land on the banner you put up every day, but one of the advantages is that they don’t really spend much time reading the banner due to their mobility. That’s why you need to be able to make sure that your banner can relay information within the available average seconds people spend to read a banner. One of the ways you can do it is by enlarging the contents so that people can have more time to read it from a distance, thus more time to savor the information and actually process it.

Large fonts also make it easier for people to read in general because they won’t have to put too much effort into reading. If necessary, put emphasis on certain parts of your banner in bold or even capital letters so that people can know that those certain parts are important.

3. Minimum Text

As mentioned before, people don’t usually stand and spend a lot of time to read a banner. Since they have limited time, the way you can ensure effective message delivery is by keeping the content of the banner short and straightforward. It is best if you can make people understand your key information within short sentences. Try to explain more using graphics or images that can be helpful for you to express the information.

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