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StreamZHD Live ABR

StreamZHD Live ABR
StreamZHD Live ABR is the industry's highest-performance Adaptive Bit Rate streaming system, encoding and streaming live HD and SD content at unparalleled quality for delivery through the latest generation of adaptive streaming technologies.

The Ultimate Adaptive Streaming Encoder

StreamZHD Live ABR supports the Dynamic Streaming capabilities of Adobe® Flash Media Server®; adaptive HTTP streaming to Apple® iPhone® mobile devices, and Microsoft® Internet Information Services (IIS) Smooth Streaming to Microsoft® Silverlight® powered viewing experiences. StreamZHD Live ABR is also easily extensible to support new adaptive delivery technologies, such as Adobe's upcoming HTTP Dynamic Streaming (announced as Project Zeri).

Adaptive bit rate streaming enables higher-quality viewing experiences with television-like continuity and reliability on the Web and mobile devices. StreamZHD Live ABR creates multiple output streams at varying bit rates and resolutions from the input source. As the content is delivered to each viewer, the chosen adaptive delivery technology automatically switches between these streams to deliver the best possible quality based on the viewer’s current network and local system conditions. The results are consistent, uninterrupted viewing experiences up to HD quality even under dramatically changing network connectivity and playback conditions. Adaptive bit rate technologies also enable delivery to ramp up from a low bit rate stream to top quality, minimizing the initial delay typical with earlier streaming methods while letting all viewers start from a single engagement point.

StreamZHD Live ABR Workflow (click to enlarge)

Building on Digital Rapids’ long-standing ability to output multiple formats, resolutions and bit rates simultaneously in real time, StreamZHD Live ABR provides superior encoding performance for adaptive delivery. Combinations of up to seven HD and SD streams can be output simultaneously in real time from a single StreamZHD Live ABR unit. StreamZHD Live ABR can output streams up to full 1920x1080 at 30fps in the H.264 compression format – including simultaneous 1080p and 720p outputs – and up to 720p with VC-1 compression. Multiple StreamZHD Live ABR systems can be synchronized to encode the same source for adaptive streaming applications requiring a greater number of simultaneous streams. A single StreamZHD Live ABR unit can also create outputs for multiple platforms – such as the Web and iPhone – concurrently.

StreamZHD Live ABRStreamZHD Live ABR combines the benefits of adaptive bit rate delivery with the proven quality, reliability and versatility of our StreamZ Live encoder family, forming the ideal adaptive streaming platform. Advanced video pre-processing features deliver superior visual quality with the most efficient use of bandwidth in the compressed result. Video adjustments and graphic overlay enable refinement of incoming sources and the addition of branding to output streams . Multiple StreamZHD Live ABR encoders can be combined with the scalable Digital Rapids Broadcast Manager software for enterprise-class management, automation, scheduling, multi-channel monitoring and failover.

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Key Features and Benefits

  • Live encoding and streaming of HD and SD content for adaptive bit rate delivery
  • Support for Dynamic Streaming for Adobe Flash Media Server; Apple iPhone adaptive HTTP streaming; and Microsoft IIS Smooth Streaming
  • Live output streams up to 1080p in H.264, 720p in VC-1
  • Outputs up to seven simultaneous HD and SD streams in multiple resolutions and bit rates
  • Advanced preprocessing for exceptional streaming quality and optimal bandwidth usage
  • Robust reliability for unforgiving live environments
  • Simultaneous archiving to files for future on-demand use
  • Enterprise-class, multi-channel management and automation through Digital Rapids Broadcast Manager

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