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MediaMesh Content Delivery

The MediaMesh content delivery system combines a robust, scalable delivery framework with full-featured, flexible contribution and receiving appliances, providing efficient, automated digital distribution of HD, SD and Digital Cinema media between content providers, contributors, aggregators and distribution partners.

Transport. Transform. Save.

Today's growing volume of content and broad, diverse range of distribution outlets demand easier and more efficient mechanisms to deliver media between content providers, contributors, aggregators, affiliates and distribution partners. Expensive, time-consuming and labor-intensive, physical delivery -- tapes or hard drives shipped by courier -- is no longer efficient in today's fast-moving media economy. Similarly, costs can skyrocket when paying per-asset or file size based transport fees to third-party delivery service providers.

The MediaMesh content delivery system enables efficient, fully digital contribution and distribution of HD, SD and Digital Cinema media files over public and private IP-based networks and satellite. MediaMesh streamlines the tapeless delivery of content ranging from ad spots and promos to syndicated series and long-form features.

MediaMesh lets you move your media over your existing network connectivity with outstanding...

  • Savings -- significant cost savings over physical 'tape-and-truck' distribution and third-party, 'pay-per-transfer' delivery services
  • Simplicity -- intuitive receiving interface minimizes training requirements, with integrated conforming to ensure compatibility with recipient needs
  • Speed -- integrated Digital Rapids C2 transport technology enables the immediacy of near-wirespeed transfers even over unreliable networks such as the Internet
  • Security -- robust encryption secures files in transit, protecting your high-value content from unauthorized access
  • Flexibility -- integrated media transformation capabilities support all common compression and container formats

Delivering Benefits on Any Scale

Seamlessly scalable from point-to-point applications to hundreds of sending and receiving locations, MediaMesh offers benefits for any size contribution or distribution scenario.

Desktop-to-Destination: Send content to recipients through a simple browser-based Web portal.

  • Uses your existing fast network connectivity, with no per-transfer delivery fees
  • Accelerated, reliable transfers even over challenging networks like the Internet
  • Simple submission interface
  • The easiest receiving interface, with integrated conforming to recipient’s format and metadata requirements

Complete Global Content Networks: Efficiently deliver media across a fully scalable, mesh-connected network of contributors and recipients.


  • The same benefits, plus...
  • Intelligent mixed transfer routing based on recipient connectivity (IP unicast, IP multicast, satellite multicast, hybrid) to maximize efficiency
  • Conforming upon receipt allows sending of ‘master’ package to all recipients – fewer variants to send, reduces errors

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Key Features and Benefits

  • Efficient delivery of HD, SD and Digital Cinema media files between content contributors, aggregators and distributors
  • Delivers content over IP-based networks and satellite with significant cost savings and unmatched speed, simplicity, security and flexibility
  • Conforming and repackaging at receiving 'edge' increases distribution efficiency
  • Flexible sending and receiving appliances with integrated inventory management, visual QC, repurposing, packaging and playout


  • Content syndication, aggregation, distribution
  • Contribution and collaboration
  • Broadcast, cable, telco
  • IPTV, Internet television
  • Video on Demand (VOD)

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