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StreamZ Live (inc. ABR, IP)

StreamZ Live
The StreamZ Live family of live encoders and transcoders provides superior output quality, outstanding reliability and flexible, multi-screen output format support - including adaptive streaming - for audience-expanding live streaming applications from Internet TV and mobile video to IPTV, over-the-top (OTT) services and broadcast television.

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Superior, Live Multi-Screen Encoding and Streaming

Whether viewed on a PC, tablet, mobile phone, IPTV set-top box or 'smart' TV, IP-based streaming video has redefined live broadcasting and lets you reach wider audiences on more viewing platforms than ever before. Bridging traditional video and IP networks, your live media encoders are critical points along the path between you and your viewers. The StreamZ Live family of live encoders and transcoders delivers Digital Rapids' renowned output quality, reliability, easy operation and flexible output format support in powerful configurations for live applications.

StreamZ Live models are available with a comprehensive range of analog and digital input options, from HD and SD video to IP inputs for transforming existing source streams. Models with IP inputs support single or multi-program transport stream sources with H.264 or MPEG-2 compressed video, with program selection integrated within StreamZ Live's easy configuration interface. HD models support 1080i, 1080p and 720p inputs, with real-time streaming outputs up to full 1920x1080 resolution.

StreamZ Live encoders are available with a broad range of encoding formats to reach your desired platforms and devices, from Adobe® Flash® and Microsoft® Silverlight® on the Web to IPTV set-top boxes, game consoles, mobile phones and tablets. StreamZ Live can output streams in multiple formats, resolutions and bit rates simultaneously, letting you efficiently target multiple audiences from a single unit.

The upcoming StreamZ Live Broadcast integrated broadcast/multi-screen encoder combines StreamZ Live's proven multi-screen encoding benefits with robust features for the unique demands of broadcast, cable, telco and satellite television operations. StreamZ Live Broadcast features simultaneous H.264 or MPEG-2 encoding for broadcast television and multi-format encoding for 'any-screen' streaming delivery - all in a single encoder.

Spectacular Quality and Flexible Features

Even the most compelling content can fall flat if delivered at poor quality. The StreamZ Live family features the renowned quality that leading studios and networks depend on daily, ensuring that your streams will exceed your audience's expectations. Deeply configurable output parameters enable precise optimization for target devices, while best-of-breed codec implementations deliver superior quality and exceptional performance. For SDI and analog inputs, StreamZ Live's advanced video preprocessing features 'groom' baseband source video signals to further bolster encoding quality and enable the most efficient use of bandwidth in the compressed result, with additional processing features such as graphic overlay and video adjustments.

The integrated Stream Live software provides an operator-friendly interface for configuring encoding and streaming parameters. Multiple configuration profiles can be stored and recalled for easy re-use. Script commands or cue points can be inserted into outputs to trigger downstream events such as advertising insertion. Closed Caption support bolsters content accessibility and enables regulatory compliance. Outputs can also be saved to files for subsequent on-demand use, providing a streamlined path to additional revenue opportunities.

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Key Features and Benefits

  • Superior encoding, streaming-quality and bandwidth usage for engaging audience experiences
  • Rich adaptive streaming (ABR) and multi-screen output support for devices from TVs and PCs to tablets, game consoles and mobile phones
  • SD, HD and IP input options
  • Simultaneous archiving to files for future on-demand use
  • Enterprise-class, multi-channel management and automation through Digital Rapids Broadcast Manager

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