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Software Comparison

One of two levels of the Stream software is included with each StreamZ, StreamZHD, DRC-Stream and Flux-based solution, offering an intuitive, streamlined interface for high-quality video and audio ingest, encoding, transcoding, streaming and distribution with simultaneous output to multiple formats. Stream LE provides all core functionality, while Stream FE (Facility Edition) adds expanded workflow automation, integration tools, publishing capabilities and more. A third software configuration, Stream Live, is included with the StreamZ Live family of dedicated live streaming media encoders.

The following charts compare the features of Stream LE ("LE" in the chart), Stream FE ("FE") and Stream Live ("Live").

For a comparison of standard and optional formats supported by each level of software, click here.

•  standard feature               o  optional feature

Bundling Flux DRC-Stream StreamZ StreamZHD StreamZ Live
Stream LE      
Stream FE o o  
Stream Live        

General Functionality LE FE Live
Capture/encode to files from live inputs  
Capture/encode to files from decks with
RS-422 control
Transcode from source media files  
Live streaming
Archive to files during live streaming
Adaptive bitrate support (Microsoft IIS Smooth Streaming, Adobe Dynamic Streaming, Apple iPhone/iPad HTTP Streaming) Some adaptive bit rate streaming formats standard with select hardware models; others optional -- see our Supported Formats chart for more details.

Input Functionality LE FE Live
Live video inputs
Live audio inputs (multi-channel)
Media file inputs  
Watch Folder for media file inputs    
RS-422 deck control o  
Batch Encoding (real-time capture with auto transcode)    
Timecode (preserve, auto increment or time of day)
VBI capture (with Closed Caption support)1
CEA-608/708 Closed Caption capture from SD/HD SDI
Clip Lists (multiple input clips to multiple or concatenated output)    

Video and Audio Processing LE FE Live
Interactive control of hardware-based pre-processing (motion adaptive de-interlacing, cropping, scaling, filtering, proc amp controls, gamma correction, etc)
Graphic overlay (hardware)
Cropping and de-interlacing (software)
Video processing plug-ins (software-based) – Graphic and Video overlay, scaling, Closed-to-Open Captions, adaptive Inverse Telecine, Burn-in Timecode/Time-of-Day and more    
Audio processing plug-ins (software-based) – Volume (Level), Track Mix-down, Channel Selection and Audio Mapping    
Support for third-party DirectShow and DMO audio and video plug-ins    
Audio volume control, sample rate conversion
Forensic video watermarking (Nexguard by Civolution) o o  
Content tracking/monitoring watermarking (Civolution Teletrax) o o  
YouTube Content ID reference file (fingerprint) generation o o  
Vobile VideoDNA fingerprint generation    

Publishing and Advanced Output LE FE Live
CEA-608 and 708 Closed Captioning support (including 608 to 708 translation from 608-only sources; codec-dependent)  
Active Format Description (AFD) insertion (MPEG-2) o  
Template-based publishing interface  
Log publishing – per codec  
Log publishing – per project or persistent (all projects and codecs)    
DVD publishing (menuless or chapter-based menu from deck capture points or clip list)    
Direct DVD publishing to Rimage Producer III,  Rimage Professional and Primera multi-disc production systems    
E-mail notification    
Automated FTP distribution    
SCTE 35 Cueing Messages for Digital Program Insertion (requires optional Manzanita TS Muxer)    
Group codecs (including parallel file multiplexing from single encodes)    
Media file encryption/decryption    
Script command insertion into ASF (on-the-fly via Web Services API or from file)
Microsoft PlayReady protection for Smooth Streaming content with support for third-party providers (BuyDRM, CSG Systems, EZDRM, generic)
Windows Media DRM protection with support for third-party providers  (Entriq, Irdeto DayPort , SyncCast, thePlatform, generic)

Workflow and Application Integration LE FE Live
GPI and keystroke encode trigger  
LTC timecode encode (start) trigger  
Controllable via Digital Rapids Broadcast Manager   o o
Integration with Digital Rapids Transcode Manager (sold separately)  
Web Services (SOAP) API o o  
WDM (Windows Driver Model) drivers2  

Chart based on version 3.3 of Stream LE and Stream FE.

1. Closed Caption from VBI capture with DRC-1000 boards and higher
2. Standard-definition models (DRC-500 to DRC-2600 boards) only

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