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Kayak Workflow Platform

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A significant departure from other workflow technology approaches, Kayak enables customers, systems integrators and software developers to design, deploy and manage customized workflows that empower their businesses with the operational efficiency, agility and insight they need to thrive in the expanding multi-screen media landscape.

Read the Frost & Sullivan white paper: "Achieving Operational Freedom in Digital Media Workflows".   

Enabling Operational Freedom

Radical changes in the media & entertainment industry are creating not only new opportunities but also new operational pressures and challenges for content and rights owners. "Content Everywhere" is the new consumer mantra. New devices, cheaper network access, broader content availability and changing viewing habits are driving consumer adoption of expanding media options at a staggering rate. Content owners need new approaches to their media operations and workflows to match the scale of this opportunity while controlling costs.

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Starting with a ground-breaking new way to think about your workflow operations, Digital Rapids' Kayak offers a solution to this challenge -- a flexible platform for workflow design, deployment and management that provides the operational efficiency, agility and insight you need to thrive in the expanding multi-screen media landscape. Powering the advances in our next-generation solutions such as version 2.0 of the Digital Rapids Transcode Manager software, Kayak's innovative approach harnesses technology and streamlines your operations, freeing you to focus on your real value proposition -- your content.

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