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Kayak (continued)

Exceptional Modularity Drives Cost-Savings and Control

Unlike workflow approaches that simply orchestrate discrete applications across separate stages, Kayak's patent-pending approach is built around a philosophy of granular modularity with technologies as components -- from media-specific functions like encoding, packaging and processing to business-oriented functionality such as analytics, automated intelligence and reporting.

These workflow building blocks are warehoused in a catalog of best-of-breed technologies and solutions from Digital Rapids and a rich, open ecosystem of third-party partners. Kayak's catalog of components combines with its flexible architecture to make managing technology easier than ever before, enabling faster response to the latest market trends. Emerging technologies can be quickly integrated, as can your own custom-developed functionality. You choose precisely which technologies are used in your workflows, giving you direct, granular control over technology costs and deployment. You deploy only what you actually need -- in the exact versions you need -- and pay only for the technologies you use.

Easy Design for Agile Workflow Efficiency

Like a whiteboard that you can bring to life, Kayak Workflow Designer lets you graphically create sophisticated, streamlined workflows with intelligent automation. Individual tools or pre-defined solutions in the catalog can be combined to create exactly the processes you need. Inline analysis and rule-based decision branching automatically adapt your workflows to eliminate unnecessary steps, maximizing both processing and operational efficiency.

You can instantly test your designs within Kayak Workflow Designer, letting you optimize and fine-tune them before moving them into production. And when your needs change, you can easily update your workflows with new components, processes and business rules. This streamlined path from proof-of-concept to deployment gives you the freedom to experiment while responding quickly to changing market dynamics and lets you capitalize on more opportunities.

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