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MediaMesh Content Delivery

The MediaMesh content delivery system combines a robust, scalable delivery framework with full-featured, flexible receiving and output appliances, providing efficient, automated digital distribution of HD, SD and Digital Cinema media between content providers, contributors, aggregators and distribution partners.

The power of digital content delivery

As the scope and opportunity of content syndication continues to grow, the demand for wider distribution brings with it the need for easier and more efficient mechanisms to deliver media between content providers, contributors, aggregators and distribution points. Traditionally, the delivery of content from studios and post facilities to broadcast networks and affiliates relied on physical media and transportation – shipping video tapes or hard drives by courier. Expensive, time-consuming and labor-intensive, physical distribution is no longer efficient in today's fast-moving media economy. Fully digital distribution via terrestrial IP-based networks or satellite offers increased automation, greater immediacy, higher security and tremendous cost savings over tape-and-truck transport.

Fast, full-featured and flexible

MediaMesh RX ApplianceDigital Rapids' MediaMesh content delivery system provides a scalable, robust delivery infrastructure that lets organizations realize the full benefits of all-digital distribution. Built on the Digital Rapids C2 data delivery framework, MediaMesh features an unparalleled combination of acceleration, reliability, security and efficiency for transferring content files and associated metadata to multiple recipients. MediaMesh supports distribution models including satellite (multicast), terrestrial IP-based networks (unicast or multicast) or hybrids. Streamlining the tapeless delivery of SD, HD and even Digital Cinema content, MediaMesh enables ad spots, promos, paid programming, syndicated shows and long-form features to be delivered to affiliates, aggregators and distribution partners automatically and with the immediacy of near-wirespeed transfers.

The MediaMesh RX receiving appliance provides robust functionality at the endpoint of the digital distribution chain. Comprehensive features including receipt confirmation, visual Quality Control verification, inventory management, transcoding, repackaging, transfer to broadcast servers, print-to-tape and playout are tightly integrated in an intuitive graphical interface. Repackaging to local requirements at the receiving 'edge' further increases distribution efficiency by reducing the need to deliver multiple variants from the source while preserving valuable, monetization-enabling metadata.
MediaMesh High-Level Workflow

MediaMesh works seamlessly alongside Digital Rapids' StreamZHD ingest and encoding systems, the Digital Rapids Transcode Manager distributed transcoding software and C2 to form a complete workflow from ingest through delivery. For customers with existing digital media infrastructures, MediaMesh can also be incorporated with third-party systems through open standards, workflow features such as watch folders and Web Services APIs for custom development.

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More Info

TV Technology Europe STAR Award 2009
TVB Europe Best of IBC Editors' Award - IBC 2009

Key Features and Benefits

  • Efficient network-based digital delivery of HD, SD and Digital Cinema content between content providers, contributors and distribution partners
  • Increased automation and tremendous cost savings over traditional tape-and-truck media distribution
  • Multiple distribution models – satellite or IP multicast, IP unicast, and hybrid models
  • Ideal for delivering ad spots through long-form content to affiliates and distributors
  • Turnkey media receiving appliance with integrated inventory management, visual QC, repurposing, packaging and playout
  • Easy conforming to local requirements and multi-platform targets
  • Intuitive graphical interface for easy operation


  • Content syndication, aggregation, distribution
  • Contribution and collaboration
  • Broadcast, cable, telco
  • IPTV, Internet television
  • Video on Demand (VOD)

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