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Encoding & Transcoding

We offer a comprehensive range of hardware and software solutions for professional ingest, encoding and transcoding applications from multi-screen distribution and video on demand (VOD) to post production and archive. Our solutions are renowned for their superior output quality, rich format support and the industry’s deepest feature set.

StreamZHD Encoders

StreamZHD format-agile media encoding systems expand the powerful and flexible features of StreamZ into the high definition domain, offering multi-format, high-performance HD/SD video ingest, encoding, transcoding and streaming with outstanding output quality for a broad range of professional applications.

Transcode Manager

The Digital Rapids Transcode Manager software combines outstanding quality, intelligent automation, rich format support, exceptional performance and seamless scalability for transforming high volumes of media between acquisition, production, archive and distribution formats.

StreamZ Encoding Systems

StreamZ versatile, standard-definition media encoding servers deliver high-performance, multi-format video capture and encoding from live sources or decks, transcoding between media file formats and live streaming in comprehensive solutions that integrate easily into any professional environment.

StreamZ Live (inc. ABR, IP)

The StreamZ Live family of live encoders and transcoders provides superior output quality, outstanding reliability and flexible, multi-screen output format support - including adaptive streaming - for audience-expanding live streaming applications from Internet TV and mobile video to IPTV, over-the-top (OTT) services and broadcast television.

Flux Cards & Software

Versatile card-and-software bundles combine our Flux advanced PCIe capture and pre-processing cards with the easy-to-use Stream LE software, letting you add real-time, multi-format capture, encoding, transcoding and streaming to an existing Windows workstation.

TouchStream Appliances

TouchStream video and audio streaming appliances combine our renowned live streaming quality and reliability with an intuitive touch-screen interface in a fully self-contained, easy-to-deploy, portable form factor for professional streaming applications.

Broadcast Manager

Digital Rapids Broadcast Manager provides enterprise-level management, control, monitoring and failure recovery for multiple encoders. Scalable to hundreds of encoders, Broadcast Manager simplifies operations and boosts reliability for automated ingest, IPTV, web streaming and other IP-based video delivery.

Stream VOD Packager

The Stream VOD Packager software reduces the complexity of preparing content assets for Video On Demand (VOD) distribution, enabling easy creation of metadata compliant with VOD server specifications and encapsulating it with associated media into complete content packages.

DRC-Stream 500 Card & SW

The entry-level professional DRC-Stream 500 bundle combines our DRC-500 PCI capture and preprocessing hardware with the intuitive Stream LE software, delivering real-time, multi-format media capture, encoding, transcoding and streaming in a do-it-yourself package for installation into an existing PC.
Upcoming Events

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September 19, 2012
Sydney, Australia

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September 20, 2012
San Francisco, California

Digistor “Media Over IP” Event (Melbourne)
September 25, 2012
Melbourne, Australia

Broadcast India 2012
October 10-12, 2012
Mumbai, India

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October 16, 2012
Providence, Rhode Island

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Hollywood, California