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Kayak (continued)

Dynamic Deployment and Simplified Management

When your workflow designs are complete, you can immediately put them into production. A job manager application such as the Transcode Manager software lets you manage all of your Kayak workflows and resources in a single, consistent interface, streamlining your operations and simplifying deployment. Transcode Manager lets you schedule the availability of systems (individually or in groups) to specific departments or projects, and then deploys your workflows on-demand to optimize your operations. Transcode Manager dynamically provisions workflows on-the-fly on available resources, ensuring that the right workflows are available at the right scale to match job requirements and volumes at any given time. The functionality running on a particular system can change dynamically with each job, maximizing resource utilization while lowering provisioning costs. This dynamic deployment model brings cloud-like elasticity to on-premises operations, minimizes upgrade effort with on-the-fly updates, and makes it significantly easier to expand capacity by minimizing the overhead required to bring new systems online.

Operational Transparency for Better Business Insight

Kayak's granular, component-based approach and visual design tools enable deep understanding of your workflow processes, a critical prerequisite for ongoing operational improvements. And by providing full visibility into workflow execution, Kayak lets you easily identify and resolve bottlenecks, further optimize resource allocation, and predict and manage your operating costs.

A New Workflow Concept for an Ever-Changing Landscape

Efficiency. Agility. Insight. Kayak delivers all of these benefits, giving you the operational freedom to focus on your core business while staying ahead of the curve in the evolving media landscape. Contact us today to discuss how Kayak can transform your business.

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