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OEM Hardware

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Flux PCIe capture and preprocessing boards are available in OEM configurations with powerful and flexible SDKs, delivering outstanding quality, flexibility and reliability for third-party developers integrating high-quality video ingest into their applications.

High-Level SDK Flow

Using either the mid-level (C) API or the high-level (Web Services) API, the controlling application works primarily through two interfaces.

  • XML templates
  • Web Services calls and API functions

XML Templates are created using the Stream application. These templates control the basic operating parameters of the Stream application such as video and audio inputs, output file names, and codec profiles. By modifying these XML templates and submitting them to the Stream app, the application can control all the operating parameters of the Stream app for any given encode session.

Web Services (SOAP) calls and API functions control loading and saving of XML files, starting, stopping, and monitoring of the Stream app.

OEM SDK Flow Diagram

By using XML templates and the API you can easily leverage the existing and future functionality of the Stream application.

More Info

Key Hardware Features

  • Video and audio capture hardware optimized for real-time encoding and streaming
  • Advanced real-time video pre-processing (including motion adaptive de-interlacing with pixel-level analysis) for superior visual quality and bit rate efficiency
  • Comprehensive input options including analog, SD-SDI, HD-SDI, dual-link HD-SDI and 3G-SDI (inputs vary by model)
  • PCI Express interface for broad Windows workstation compatibility
  • Hardware-based graphic overlay, color space conversion, video adjustments and more
  • Hardware-based format conversion with cadence detection (including Inverse Telecine)

Key SDK Features

  • Very high-level API for easy integration into scripting and browser based applications
  • Mid-level API allows easy integration with Windows-based applications. Adds Stream encoding and processing capabilities to existing applications.
  • Low-level API for complete control over driver and board-level features
  • XML-based parameter storage integrates with existing web solutions

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