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Stream 3.3 Software Upgrades

Version 3.3 of the Digital Rapids Stream software for our StreamZ, StreamZHD, DRC-Stream and Flux-based encoding solutions extends our award-winning feature set with powerful new capabilities and workflow optimizations. Stream 3.3 is free for registered users of version 3.0 or higher, and a paid upgrade for users of earlier versions (see purchasing details below).

New features introduced in Stream version 3.2 and 3.3 include:

Encoding and Streaming for Apple® iPhone® and iPad® with Integrated Segmenting

A new optional module adds enhanced capabilities for encoding content for live and on-demand viewing on iPhone mobile devices, iPad tablets and iPod touch® personal media players.

  • Encodes simultaneously to multiple output streams at varying bit rates and resolutions, automatically dividing the outputs into discrete segments ready for adaptive delivery by a server or CDN
  • Eliminates the need for an external stream segmenter, simplifying encoding workflows and reducing overall system costs
  • Live iPhone streams can also be archived as VOD files for future on-demand distribution


Encoding and decoding of the Motion JPEG2000 format in powerful and efficient workflows is now available through a new software option.

  • Encode into the JPEG2000 compression standard with output wrapped in an MXF container (requires MXF output module) or as image sequences
  • Full encoding support for the JPEG2000 format's ability to combine multiple layers at progressively higher quality – from visually 'lossy' to mathematically lossless – within a single output
  • Exceptional efficiency when transcoding JPEG2000 source content to other formats by allowing the user to choose which of the multiple embedded resolutions to decode – avoiding time-consuming processing of the full frame size when transcoding to a lower-resolution deliverable

Dolby® Pulse Audio

Stream 3.3 features optional support for the Dolby Pulse codec. Dolby Pulse is a robust High-Efficiency AAC (HE-AAC) based technology designed for delivering high-quality multi-channel content to TVs, computers, mobile phones, and other entertainment platforms, with metadata capabilities similar to those in Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus.

Enhanced Encoding for Sony® PlayStation® 3 and Other Sony Devices

Stream 3.3 features enhanced encoding of media compliant with the conformance requirements of Sony PlayStation 3, PSP® and other Sony consumer devices. A new multiplexing option, tailored to Sony specifications, also adds support for the Sony BDN subtitling format, text-to-picture subtitling from RTF (Rich Text Files) and more.

Industry-Leading Microsoft IIS Smooth Streaming Performance

IIS Smooth Streaming support has been significantly enhanced. A form of adaptive bit rate delivery, IIS Smooth Streaming seamlessly switches between multiple streams at different bit rates to deliver consistent viewing experiences up to HD quality, even under changing playback conditions.

  • Performance optimizations significantly increase the number of streams that can be simultaneously created in a single encoding system – seven or more concurrent VC-1 IIS Smooth Streaming outputs including full 1280x720 resolution on the latest StreamZHD systems, and even higher concurrent stream counts or resolutions up to 1920x1080 in the H.264 format
  • Live Smooth Streaming in the H.264 compression format complements the Stream software's existing on-demand H.264 and live and file-based VC-1 IIS Smooth Streaming

ASF Script Streaming

Version 3.3 adds the ability to insert script commands into ASF outputs. Script commands can be inserted from a file for applications with pre-determined timing, or on-the-fly through Stream’s Web Services API during live encoding. Scripts commands can be used to communicate actions to be performed by the receiving application or player, and trigger events such as advertising insertion or replacement.

Microsoft PlayReady Support

Stream 3.3 incorporates PlayReady content access technology for the protection of IIS Smooth Streaming media, ensuring that high-value content is used only as specified by the content owner and only by authorized users.

  • Direct support for a number of third-party PlayReady service providers and PlayReady-compatible products (including offerings from BuyDRM, CSG Systems and EZDRM)
  • Open Web Services access through Stream's PlayReady interface enables fast integration with additional third-party license providers

YouTube Content ID and Vobile VideoDNA "Fingerprint" Generation

Support for YouTube Content ID and Vobile VideoDNA fingerprinting technologies lets content owners generate reference files (a.k.a. "fingerprints") from their content automatically within encoding and transcoding workflows. The resulting files are then used with the corresponding content identification platform to enable content owners and publishers to more effectively monitor, protect, manage and monetize their media online.

Many More Enhancements and Refinements

  • New open captioning plug-in – overlay visible captions created from caption files or closed caption data in the input video source
  • Windows 7 support
  • A new standby mode enables faster start of encoding upon subsequent triggering, plus faster failover with the Digital Rapids Broadcast Manager multi-encoder management software
  • Expanded GPI trigger functions including pause and resume
  • And much more!

How to Upgrade to Stream 3.3

Stream 3.3 is a free update for registered users of Stream 3.0 or higher. Users of version 2.6 or lower can purchase Stream 3.3 upgrades, delivering the new enhancements in version 3.3 plus all of the significant capabilities added in versions 3.0, 3.1 and 3.2 (including adaptive bit rate delivery; significantly expanded compression and container format support; enhanced video and audio processing plug-in architecture; enhanced Closed Caption support and more).

Starting with version 3.0, we've streamlined the Stream software lineup from three levels into two. Stream LE remains our base-level software with core functionality, while StreamPro and StreamEnterprise have been consolidated into the new Stream FE, building on Stream LE with expanded workflow automation and integration capabilities. (See the Stream Software Comparison Chart for differences between Stream LE and Stream FE).

Existing StreamPro and StreamEnterprise users can purchase an upgrade to Stream FE 3.3. Stream LE users can purchase an upgrade to Stream LE 3.3 or step up all the way to Stream FE 3.3. Purchased upgrades include Software Maintenance for a period of one year.

For more information on purchasing Stream software upgrades and optional format modules, please contact your Digital Rapids reseller or sales representative.

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