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Stream Tags

Tags are simply shortcuts for often used words, values, or phrases that the Stream software can automatically fill in. Tags can be used in many places throughout the Stream application including filenames, post encode commands, metadata, and in the comments section of the Deck Control interface. A Tag is represented by the '%' symbol surrounding the actual tag word. For instance, in a dialog box, the Tag %D% represents the current date. Tags are a method of creating and using shortcuts to help automate the task of managing file names and information entry. Tags are configured using the Options>Tags menu in the software.

There are many system tags that are pre-configured. Some of them include:

Tag Definition
%D% Today’s Date (e.g. 5/6/2002)
%D_% Today’s Date (e.g. 5_6_2002) used for filenames
%T% Current Time (e.g. 4:16:51 PM)
%T_% Current Time (e.g. 4_16_51_PM) used for filenames
%R% Encoder Resolution
%BR% Encoder Bitrate
%BN% Project Name
%PN% Profile Name
%OD% Output Directory (without trailing backslash)
%OF% Output Filename (without an extension)
%OE% Output Extension (without the '.')
%DIP% Deck Control In Point
%DOP% Deck Control Out Point
%DTN% Deck Control Tape Name
%DCN% Deck Control Clip Name
%DCM% Deck Control Log Comment
%% %

The above list is just a sample of available pre-configured Tags; please see the Stream software manual or help file for a comprehensive list.

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