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Transcode Manager Features

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Features Transcode Manager FE Transcode Manager LE Transcode Manager Stand Alone
High-volume transcoding management and automation
Designed for large studios & facilities with enterprise-level requirements    
Designed for smaller studios and workgroups    
Designed for single-system transcoding applications    
Intelligent Load Balancing "learns" Engine performance to optimize throughput  
Multiple watch folders for transparent automated operation
Direct job submission from Digital Rapids Stream ingest/encoding solutions
Automatic Transcode Engine discovery plus firewall and proxy support for easy deployment  
Remote deployment of upgrades to transcoding nodes  
Video processing including graphic overlay, adaptive inverse telecine and more
Job Failover (failed jobs re-attempted or re-distributed)
Server Failover (backup server takes over management if primary fails)    
Maximum Transcode Engines supported (additional engines sold separately) unlimited 10 1
Failure alerts/notifications
Extended alerts/notifications    
Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) support    
Integration with Tektronix Cerify and Interra Systems Baton automated quality control tools    
Scripting for programmatic automation of custom tasks    
Manual job prioritization    
User authentication and authorization with local and LDAP access management    
Automatic 'commercial black' detection and removal    
Automatic black border detection and removal    
Head/Tail Clip addition for bumpers, studio IDs, ads, etc.    
XML-based clip lists for combining multiple trimmed video and audio source clips    
SCTE 35 insertion (Cueing Messages for ad insertion) o    
Third-party database integration (Oracle® 10g, Microsoft® SQL Server, PostgreSQL)    
Web Services (SOAP) API for custom integration    

Codec and Container Format Support
A choice of two Transcode Engine bundles lets you purchase the format support best suited to your requirements, with additional formats available as options.
Transcode Engine Core bundles Includes VC-1 (Windows Media, Silverlight, IIS Smooth Streaming files), MPEG-1, MPEG-2, QuickTime (including MPEG-4 and H.264), AVI, RealVideo, MP3, WAV and image sequences. (Apple ProRes import available with third-party QuickTime filters). Additional formats optional (sold separately).
Transcode Engine Studio bundles Includes all formats of Transcode Engine Core plus Avid DNxHD®, XDCAM HD, MXF, GXF, LXF, Omneon, Dolby® Digital / Dolby® Digital Plus, enhanced H.264, RED (import only), AAC (Dolby® Pulse), 3GPP. Additional formats (DVCPro, AVC-Intra/Panasonic P2, JPEG2000, iPhone/iPad H.264 with integrated segmenting and more) optional (sold separately).

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