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Inputs and Encoding Channels Flux-3510 Flux-3550 Flux-6510 Flux-6550
Video encoding channels (simultaneous inputs) 1 1 1 1
SDI inputs (3G/HD/SD; combine for dual-link HD-SDI)     2 2
SDI inputs (SD) 1 1    
Component analog video inputs (3 BNC)   1 (SD)   1 (HD/SD)
Y/C (S-Video) analog video inputs (Mini-Din)   1   1
Composite analog video inputs (BNC)   1   1
SDI embedded audio (8 stereo pairs)
AES/EBU stereo audio inputs (BNC)   4   4
Balanced analog audio inputs (XLR)   2   2
Unbalanced analog audio inputs (RCA)   2   2
LTC input (XLR)    
Video/audio connectivity

Flux Input Breakout Cable

Flux Input Breakout Box
Direct SDI connections to board Breakout cable standard

Rack-mountable breakout box optional
Direct SDI connections to board Breakout cable standard

Rack-mountable breakout box optional
Input Format Support Flux-3510 Flux-3550 Flux-6510 Flux-6550
Supported input video resolutions and frame rates 486i @ 29.97 Fps (NTSC), 576i @ 25 Fps (PAL) 1080i @ 25, 29.97, 30 Fps
1080p/1080PsF @ 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 30 Fps
720p @ 23.98, 24, 25, 30, 50, 59.94, 60 Fps
486i @ 29.97 Fps (NTSC), 576i @ 25 Fps (PAL)

1080p @ 60, 59.94, 50 Fps (upcoming software release)
VBI capture with Closed Caption support
SDI ancillary data capture (608/708 Closed Captioning, timecode)
Hardware Video Processing Flux
Motion adaptive de-interlacing
Format conversion with cadence detection (including Inverse Telecine)
601/709 color space conversion (HD models)
Cropping, scaling
8-bit de-banding, dithering
Proc amp controls, gamma correction
Graphic overlay
Additional Hardware Features Flux
System interface PCIe x4
RS-422 interface 9-pin D female

Stream LE software features  
Capture/encode to files from live inputs or decks (manual deck control)
Capture/encode to files from deck with RS-422 control o
Transcode from existing media files
Live streaming
Archive to files during live streaming
Easy-to-use interface with unlimited customizable, reusable encoding profiles
Simultaneous output to multiple codecs, resolutions and bitrates
Encoding formats (codecs and containers)

Click here for more details of standard and optional formats.

Standard: VC-1 (Microsoft Silverlight incl. IIS Smooth Streaming; Windows Media WMV), QuickTime, AVI, RealVideo and more. (Apple ProRes import available with third-party QuickTime filters).

Optional: AVC (H.264, MPEG-4 Part 10), MPEG-2, MPEG-1, H.264 for Web (Adobe® Flash® incl. Dynamic Streaming; Microsoft IIS Smooth Streaming), On2 VP6, Dolby® Digital and Digital Plus, Dolby Pulse (AAC), JPEG2000, iPhone® H.264 with integrated segmenting, Avid DNxHD®, 3GPP, MXF, GXF, LXF, DVCPro, XDCAM HD, RED (import) and more.

Programmable event triggers (GPI , duration, custom keys)
Optional Stream FE software upgrade  
RS-422 deck control for batch capture and logging o
Batch Encoding (real-time capture with auto transcode) o
Video and audio processing plug-ins (graphic and video overlay, open captioning, audio track mix-down and more) with support for third-party DirectShow and DMO plug-ins o
E-mail notifications and automated FTP distribution o
Watch Folder support and Batch Transcoding (clip lists) for media file transcoding o
Automated template-based publishing o
Forensic watermarking for content protection (Nexguard by Civolution) and tracking/monitoring (Teletrax) o
SCTE 35 insertion (Cueing Messages for ad insertion) o
Integration with Digital Rapids Broadcast Manager (sold separately) o

More Info

Supported Formats (Standard and Optional)

Click here for a complete chart of formats for each level of software.

  • AVC/H.264
  • Microsoft Silverlight (H.264, VC-1, Windows Media WMV, live and on-demand IIS Smooth Streaming)
  • Adobe Flash (H.264 or On2 VP6, Dynamic Streaming)
  • H.264 for Apple iPhone with integrated segmenting
  • MPEG-4, MPEG-2, MPEG-1, 3GPP
  • XDCAM HD, DVCPro, Avid DNxHD
  • MXF, GXF, LXF, Omneon
  • JPEG2000
  • QuickTime (including Apple ProRes import)
  • AVI, Uncompressed
  • RED R3D (import)
  • Dolby Digital (AC-3) and Digital Plus, Dolby Pulse AAC, MP3, WAV
  • and more!