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TouchStream Advantages

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Digital Rapids’ TouchStream portable encoding and streaming appliances offer a broad range of advantages over competing portable and appliance-style solutions. While advantages over specific competitors vary, the following general differentiators summarize some of the compelling ways in which TouchStream excels against alternatives:

Unparalleled ease of use — TouchStream’s vivid, intuitive touch-screen interface will have even novice users up and running quickly, while eliminating the need for laptops, keyboards, mice or monitors. All TouchStream operations – from basic ‘start’ and ‘stop’ to project selection and output configuration – are controllable through the touch screen. For further ease, password-protected interface customization lets advanced users limit the functions available to basic operators to as little as desired – even just start and stop.

Superior quality — TouchStream features the exceptional output quality that has made Digital Rapids’ rackmount encoding systems the preferred choice of leading studios, broadcasters and service providers worldwide. Incorporating the same advanced pre-processing capabilities (including motion adaptive de-interlacing and video noise reduction) as our high-end studio encoders, TouchStream delivers a superior visual experience while making the most efficient use of bandwidth in the resulting output.

Self-contained portability — beyond the above-mentioned touch-screen interface, TouchStream’s integrated video/audio monitoring further eliminates the need for laptops and separate monitors. Many portable systems require a laptop or separate computer to make any form of configuration changes (such as switching between projects that specify encoding parameters), while many others provide no means of visually verifying and refining your video without using a separate system. TouchStream lets you do it all, right on the appliance.

Format flexibility — TouchStream is available in a range of application-tailored models supporting all popular viewing platforms – from Adobe® Flash®, Microsoft® Silverlight® and QuickTime® powered web experiences to IPTV set-top boxes and mobile phones. TouchStream Web models support both H.264 (for Adobe Flash or QuickTime) and Windows Media/VC-1 in the same unit, and can encode to multiple compression formats, resolutions and bit rates simultaneously – letting you optimally reach the broadest possible audience. All TouchStream models can be expanded with additional formats through field-upgradable optional modules.

Live and file-based output — TouchStream can output live streams, encode to files (on external or optional internal storage), or do both simultaneously. On TouchStream models equipped with support for multiple compression formats, concurrent live streams and file encodes can even be in different formats, resolutions and bit rates (such as producing a VC-1 live stream while creating an H.264 file for Flash at a different frame size).

Flexible features — TouchStream proves that ease of use doesn't have to come with a sacrifice of functionality. TouchStream offers a robust feature set, including onboard scheduling; customizable graphic overlay for logo branding (visible watermarking); and video and audio adjustments to refine the incoming source.

Quiet operation — TouchStream appliances are extremely quiet, allowing them to be used unobtrusively in noise-sensitive environments.

Comprehensive input choices — TouchStream models are available with analog, SDI or HD-SDI inputs.

Easy upgradeability — TouchStream units are field-upgradeable to support not only additional format options, but also new or enhanced functionality.

Affordability — despite its unmatched capabilities, TouchStream is surprisingly affordable and very competitively priced.

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